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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Mobile Access To Artefacts and Heritage At Remote Installations


The proposed project is based on the fact that archives, libraries, and museums have already information bases about "outdoor" objects, e.g. monuments and sites, but normally cannot provide the information to visitors of the objects in an attractive way at reasonable costs. Also, there is an ongoing revolution in mobile communication technology, which soon will provide PC-like functionality to hand-held units that have wireless high band-width internet access, and all this at affordable prices.

As a consequence, it will become possible to provide the public a higher service level at these objects, e.g. guided tours, which are streamed, to the user on demand. The project is a feasibility study for providing a higher service level at outdoor object using state-of-the-art in mobile communication technology, with a stated objective to implement an application which will demonstrate the potential use of this technology.

(1) To demonstrate the feasibility of using current mobile communication technology to increase the service level at outdoor objects;
(2) To define a model for describing the information related to each object in order to facilitate the access from PDAs;
(3) To describe a method for the development of the services which can used by museums and similar organisations;
(4) To evaluate the value added, both for the public and for the museums;
(5) To disseminate knowledge and experiences gained from the project at the European level.

Work description:
The project starts with an initial training phase where people with background in museums or other culture institutions are updated in the state-of-the-art in mobile communication technology.

This is followed by a short initial study, which:
(1) identifies suitable objects for a demonstrator, and
(2) defines suitable information to be presented about these objects. The main body of the project is the implementation of an application that uses the information derived in the initial study to build a demonstrator. This includes finding a suitable model for describing the information in order to facilitate access using mobile communication technology.

The demonstrator should clearly show what could be done by using state-of-the-art in mobile communication technology for improving the service level at outdoor objects. When the demonstrator is completed, it will be evaluated and documented in terms of a report, which describes a model to be used for building similar applications.
Finally, the results and experiences will be disseminated at the European level by means of a seminar tour.

The main result of the project is the above mentioned demonstrator and the reports which document the work around it. This and the planned seminar tour, in turn, is expected to result in a large number of similar applications, on both the European and national level, which use and extend the results of the project.

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