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Content archived on 2024-05-27

MObiles and Vehicles Information Enhanced Services


MOVIES intend to develop tools and methods for rich multimedia content distribution to mobile users. MOVIES will also prepare operational deployment of such services, by providing efficient production means, designed for integration of geographic and multimedia information and define commercial business models, suited to rich information content. Specialised components will be studied and developed for machine translation, location-based services, and geographic and mobile multimedia content production terminal. Pilot system will be demonstrated in a car travel application in Germany, France and Spain.

The goal of MOVIES project is to provide enhanced information services for mobile users and vehicles. Foreseen services are based on rich content within a geographic context, depending on users locations and profiles.
Main objectives are:
- develop tools and services for rich multimedia contents to mobile users, combining on-line and off- line/downloaded information, for info mobility/location-based services;
- develop efficient production means designed for integration of geographic and multimedia information: cartographic, geographic information and GIS, points of interest databases, content profiling and publishing;
- define commercial business models;
- set-up a pilot service for project results assessment. MOVIES consortium targets mainly multimedia services providers as future primary end-users and customers.

Work description:
MOVIES work plan includes the following activities:
- market analysis and user surveys, for provision of rich contents to mobile users,- research and studies of specific issues to be addressed : contents production tools, interoperability and ubiquity, language translation, location based services and geographic information delivery, privacy and IPR issues;
- design of a system architecture, development of software components, and integration of a pilot system demonstrating the corresponding technologies,- experimentation of the pilot system on a real case scenario, in the field of tourism, representative of the needs MOVIES aims to fulfil;
- MOVIES results dissemination and exploitation, and project performance assessment. The project team groups 8 partners, including information and communication technology suppliers, research laboratories and experts, and information contents providers.

MOVIES results are :
- innovative technical components and tools for the production and delivery of rich geo-localised information to mobile users,- a pilot operation such a service in the field of tourism;
- economical models and legal studies in order to prepare commercial exploitation;
- regular reviews assess the progress of the work, in a staged approach (requirements, design, pilot system, experimentation results).

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