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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Integrating Distributed Applications on the Basis of STEP Data Models


STEP (ISO 10303) is the international standard for the exchange of industrial product data. AP214 is a part of STEP for ""Automotive Design"". It is well suited to be the integration backbone to realize the concept of a ""digital factory"". Within this project AP214 as well as AP212 ""Electrical Installation"" will be used for the body in white assembling of cars and the needed production facilities. Data from the engineering, design and try out phase will be integrated in STEP compliant databases and linked with various CAx tools and an EDM system. The data will be made network accessible in read and write mode for various usages and users in parallel. To keep the solutions platform neutral the Java programming language will be used throughout the project. Data formats, suitable for Internet communication such as XML, VRML, Corba/IDL, and Java object serialization will be used to link CAx systems and other end-user tools with the integrated STEP databases. The data will also be made available on wireless handheld devices for end user access.

The objective is to integrate and organize the data flow for the planning of production facilities. For this, data, collected at different stages of the design, starting from the requirement phase till the final production shall be integrated in databases, organized according to STEP data models, mainly ISO 10303-214 "Automotive Design" and ISO 10303-212 "Electrical installation". Integration mechanisms for existing non-STEP based database architectures and CAx-applications need to be developed. Since customer, designer, manufacturer and installation location are on different places, the integrated data must be fully accessible through networks. For this data must be available in various formats: from worked up HTML/XML representations for web-browsing in simple computers and handheld devices up to fully detailed formats for CAx-Systems. The results of this project will be verified for a complete turnkey project from the empty factory hall to the complete body shop and assembly system for the series production of cars.

This project will be based on existing STEP technologies. This is mainly an existing SDAI implementation (ISO 10303-22) for the Java programming Language (ISO/TS 10303-27:2000) with High Level ARM-to-AIM extension, a 3D-viewer and a universal database representation (SQL) for STEP data. This project will integrate network accessible data according to STEP-AP214/212 data models, in particular:- PDM information- classification systems- specification control for variants- process planning- electrical cabling- schematic drawings - 3D geometry models with kinematic Platform neutral software solutions will be developed:- EXPRESS-X to "map" formally between different data representations and to define "views" on them.- Intelligent Schematic Drawings (2D) linked with product structure and product properties- 3D viewing with kinematic features- XML-database-STEP implementation- configurable tools to merge STEP exchange files with STEP databases and EDM systems- lightweight STEP implementations for network enabled handheld devices- a STEP solution for the OMG "PDM Enabler" These software results will be used to realize a "digital factory". A special focus is on variant specifications of car bodies and the process control of the body shop and assembling lines. The backbone of the digital factory will be the STEP based documentation. This data is to be made network accessible for all partners and systems in the development and production process, starting from the early requirements of the customer, a first design version from the vendor, to the detailed process design with simulation results and variant support up to the fabrication, installation and try out of the production equipment. All this data must be made available at different locations, for different users and various systems.

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