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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Context Aware Modelling for Enabling and leveraging Effective interactiON


The goal of this project is to support design and development of highly usable context-sensitive interactive software systems mainly by:
- Producing a development framework that incorporates and structures the development process using our models, techniques, architectures and tools;
- Providing the means to express context-dependent information in a set of models usable at design-time by developers and at run-time by dynamically reconfigurable systems;
- Identifying criteria, methods and techniques for using information in abstract representations to drive the design and development of the concrete interface of heterogeneous devices preserving usability,· Developing tools and components that allow designers to obtained systems represented in the above models and developed using the above methods and techniques, and;
- Providing prototypes for validating tools, methods and techniques developed.

Work description:
The work plan will be structured into five work packages:
WP1 Requirements, Models, Notations: This work package aims to identify relevant information for obtaining usable multi-context applications and structure it in models that can be handled with automatic tool support. Another aspect is how to represent such models so that they highlight the important aspects and are easy to be understood by designers.
WP2 Tools Development: Development of systematic methods that take into account logical models, criteria for good user interface design, constraints on resources available and suggest possible design solutions and generate user interfaces according to designers' decisions.
WP3 Tools Application and Evaluation: In this part of the project the tools developed are applied to specific real case studies in order to understand their ability to solve real problems and to scale up to their complexity. In this case we will also have the possibility of having the tools used by groups different from those that developed them. This work package has a two-fold purpose: to evaluate usability of the tools developed and the applications that they are able to design.
WP4 Information Dissemination and Exploitation: Tutorials and publications in international events. Project web site. Tools will be publicly available and also source code will be given for free to external parts that will sign agreement with the consortium.
WP5 Project Management: Monitoring and coordination of activities. Preparation of progress reports and review meetings.

The main expected results of the project are: a set of models to highlight the information relevant for context-dependent interactive systems; a set of criteria to indicate how to use information in the model to obtain effective user interfaces in heterogeneous environments; a set of automatic tools supporting the user interface generation a set of techniques supporting adaptation at run-time; a set of pilot applications to demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach pursued.

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