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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Trials Realisation on an Experimental 3G UMTS Platform


The proposal addresses the trials specification and realisation on a pure 3G UMTS platform. Main objective of trials will be the provision of standardised and uniform testing procedures for quantitatively assessing the QoS and the degree of conformance to the standards of pure 3G UMTS platforms focusing on the analysis of the core elements of the network. To this respect, the project will offer mobiles community a unified testing methodology that will assist the smooth and safe introduction of 3G UMTS technology to the market. The latter will ensure the provision of well proven services to mobile users.

REAL project will:
1) Setup an experimental 3G UMTS platform
2) Define the testing framework for performing QoS and conformance measurements
3) Focus on the quantitative analysis of the core 3G UMTS switching elements which are the actual providers of 3G services
4) Uitlise, enhance and adapt to the trials requirements the existing 3G UMTS testing know-how
5) Analyse the acquired measurements with the purpose to investigate for technology insufficiencies that may affect actual service provision to end users
6) Disseminate the trials results to UMTS community in the form of co-operation with ongoing projects, papers publications and platform demonstration

Work description:
As the introduction of new UMTS technologies lead to the expansion of the existing mobile networks, it is evident that network testing, validation and tasks related to the definition of generic conformance testing procedures are further complicated. Therefore, it is widely accepted that experiments focussing on the performance evaluation of innovative wireless technologies, emphasising on the services analysis of the core 3G UMTS network, contribute to the evolution of mobile technology and assist smooth technology adaptation of emerging services.

To this respect, REAL project will define the overall framework for the purpose of elaborating the performance and functionality of uniform 3G UMTS platforms, specify suitable QoS measurements for the quantitative assessment of 3G switching systems and perform original trials on an established 3G UMTS platform. It is envisaged that the results of the performed trials will accelerate the introduction of well defined and proven innovative 3G UMTS services to market and will constitute the baseline for similar efforts.

Within REAL project 4PLUS will play the role of UMTS testing equipment supplier. This role includes also the responsibility of introducing and adapting its present UMTS testing know how to the requirements for elaboration of the 3G platform in terms QoS measurements definition, supported interfaces (e.g. Iu, Gi, Gr, etc) and functionality assessment (e.g. number of supported users per stacks).
Siemens will play the role of user, that is, it will be the responsible partner for setting up the 3G testing platform, hosting the demonstration, defining the tests framework and conducting the trials.
Both partners will be responsible for deploying 3G platform functionality and disseminating trials results.

In summary, REAL project will evaluate the novel 3G UMTS services with a view to producing a state-of-the-art trial configuration and testing methodology targeted to satisfy the current and tomorrow needs for UMTS services performance assessment.
It is anticipated that the originality of the performed work will be widely adopted by mobile telecom operators as a representative model for the assessment of 3G UMTS networks performance and conformance to the standards.

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