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Intensive FIsh Culture Optimisation


The IFiBO consortium intends to focus on increasing the quality and effectiveness of fish production, which is very complex hydrochemical process. Such process requires the implementation of an advanced control technology, which has not been used yet in this area in the Czech Republic. The main aim of the consortium is the adaptation and introduction of predictive controller developed at CTU (tested in several applications in the energetic industry). The controller will be parameterised based on information about the fish culture measured and provided by RIFCH. These two well-prepared and tested parts will be integrated in the DiSCO SCADA environment.
There will be two main results: a fish culture plant and equipment suitable for controlling such plant and being able to be sold to fish farms.

The project's main aim is to increase an advanced control technology into the intensive fish production. Combination of SCADA system with optimal control strategies provides a good technological background and its low cost implementation presents a suitable platform for this application area. Because the fish growth is affected by living environment inside water tanks, breeders will be able to achieve the maximum fish weight grow at the shortest possible time and also with minimum wasted food. By this way operating expenses in fish farms could be reduced. Application of this system also reduces pollution surroundings by draining wasted water from basins and will contribute to improve the live environment. The control system will also help to prevent risks in the fish culture. Optimisation will considerably help to increase the production of breeding reservoirs in the farm. The objective is to increase the operator comfort by automation of the data processing.

Work description:
The IFiBO consortium will concentrate on the following activities:
- Construction of the test bed for intensive fish culture equipped with the technology for fish feeding and water management including aeration or oxygenation, coarse mechanical filtration, pH and temperature control;
- Implementation of control system used in the farm for cold-water and warm-water fishes;
- Optimisation of the fish culture process by using a mathematical model for the generation of required process values with respect to the market demand;
- Tests and evaluation of the automated fish production.
Dissemination of results to the wide public. The work undertaken in the project will include
- technology installation, control system integration, tuning, verification, fish culture, modelling and comparison of experimental and theoretical results. The main control purpose is to breed fishes in required weight at required time period with minimum consumed feed and other operating expenses (heating, oxygen, clearing water, power supply). Initial point of this regulation task is to keep living environment inside the fish culture at an optimal level so that fishes can grow up without worse.

The control system is based on 32bit control computers, with real-time kernel and own data maintenance system connected via modern communication technologies. This system represents a low cost automation solution for relatively complex plants. The fish culture will be carried out in an indoor facility for experiments. Both flow-through and recycling automatically controlled system will by employed in the unit. In the facility, there are twenty tanks located in the indoor hall and nine outdoor tanks. The facility will serve for experiments and also, in lesser extent, for commercial production. Through the activities of the Association of Fish Producers of the Czech Republic, the IFiBO consortium has a good opportunity to communicate with its members who represent 80% of the total Czech fish production. These activities will be regularly presented to end-users in the form of excursions, conferences, seminars, web pages and simulated demo applications.

- Setting up a test bed for fish feeding and water management
- Implementation of an advanced optimal control system in real technology within the framework of an intensive fish culture
- Trial fish production and validation of proposals in accordance with the parameters required
- Evaluation of the production with respect to the economical aspect and environment risks
- Review of the project results in a final report
- Dissemination campaign in the course of the project and after its completion.


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