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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Statistics and indicators on the labour market in the e-economy


STILE aims to support the statistical requirements of the IST Programme by providing innovative methodologies and content on the statistical monitoring of the labour market in the e-economy.
This includes the finetuning of statistics to match the e-economy and the monitoring of ICT-related work patterns.
The project involves users systematically, and involves nine expert partners.
The existing activities aimed at the extension of the coding on e-work used in national Labour Force Survey (LFS) will be analysed, in order to provide a proposal for the fine tuning of NACE and ISCO classification; an internationally harmonised module on telework for LFS; a module to cover ICT in business panel surveys; the analysis of sectoral mobility in ICT; the construction of ICT occupational profiles and the benchmark of the profiling methodologies. The project's activities will be disseminated through several tools and a concluding European conference on these issues.

1. Innovative methodologies and content on the statistical monitoring of the labour market in the e-economy, to support the statistic requirements of the IST Programme;
2. Extended coding of the CLFS for the disclosure of e-work;
3. Update NACE rev. 1 to include e-enterprises and ISCO 88 to include e-work;
4. Methodological benchmarks and a module for existing business panel surveys for taking into account ICT-related labour market issues;
5. A module for LFS to monitor the dissemination of telework;
6.The analysis of sectoral mobility in ICT, using Eurostat LFS and administrative data;
7. Description of profiles of ICT-related occupations, including required qualifications, training needs, type of contracts and likely future developments; benchmark according to regional differences in ICT penetration;
8. User-friendly dissemination tools;
9. A project website and newsletter, a concluding European conference targeted at policymakers, scientists, representatives of statistical bodies and all relevant users.

Work description:
- To analyse the national LFS and the coding used to collect information on e-work in the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands;
- To develop 150 fictional descriptions of e-work enterprises and 150 fictional descriptions of e-work to be classified by national statistical bodies;
- To recommend for NACE Rev.1 ISCO and ISIC future revisions;
- To benchmark ongoing business panel surveys, which collect labour market data including the use of ICT, educational investments and HRM;
- To study users' needs and make an action plan for harmonisation of business panel surveys;
- To develop a module and the related interactive digital toolkit to use in existing business panel surveys;
- To set up users' groups in Belgium, Ireland, the UK, Hungary and Italy, in order to develop a module and an indicator on telework;
- To pilot test the module. To formulate a strategic action plan and recommendation for the incorporation of the module into existing employees surveys and the CLFS;
- To determine employees flows between ICT and other branches on the basis of CLFS;
- To develop conceptual occupational profiles for two ICT-related occupations, including a detailed description of required qualifications and route for acquisition, type of contracts and future developments;
- To organise workshops with the stakeholders in order to validate the conceptual profiles;
- To compare the outcomes, on a regional basis, related to the occupational shaping and vocational strategies;
- To fine-tuning the existing occupational profiling methodology;
- To develop a project newsletter and web-site;
- To organise a concluding European conference on the statistical monitoring of the labour market in the e-economy, involving all relevant stakeholders at the European level.

- National report on extending the CLFS for e-work: month 8;
- Module on business panel surveys about ICT and HRM: month 11;
- Telework module for LFS: month 12;
- Report on classification of e-enterprises and e-work: month 26;
- Report on the use of the CLFS and administrative data to measure mobility in ICT: month 28;
- Description of two ICT-occupational profiles and recommendation to update occupational profiling methodology: month 34;
- European conference: month 35.

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