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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Health Information Network in Europe


In order for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to help the health delivery systems to become more effective, it is necessary to have comprehensive and reliable information on the market. All the players recognise this need as crucial. But this information is not currently available. HIN-EUROPE aims at providing a generic data and information on-line repository services to help all players develop new models of Healthcare employing ICT. This project represents the first element of a process to generate informed investment to deliver ICT-based services, which will provide citizens public access and information sharing amongst all the actors. The project has also for objective to become permanent, self-sustainable and to develop further to meet the changing demands (e.g. countries, market segments, information, services)

Collecting and sharing data on the current level of usage of ICT as well as anticipating which health delivery systems will be in place in the future and how ICT could help this is critically need by any player who plans to be active in the health sector, public authorities, health professionals, patient organisations, pharmaceuticals, ICT suppliers and services providers, etc. Europe has for the moment a lead in e-health movement but this cannot be sustained without the sort of generally available information that this project will provide. Europe has to consolidate this lead so that it can be cost-effective in terms of health delivery systems and competitive in terms of e-health products and services on a global basis.

Our project has therefore two main objectives:
- to build an innovative European Health ICT information knowledge based network;
- to produce a business plan which will make possible the development of on-go in access information Services to the EU Community.

Work description:
HIN-EUROPE aims at providing a generic data and information on-line repository services which has for objective to become permanent, self-sustainable and to develop further to meet the changing demands. To achieve this, our work-programme includes:
* The elaboration of a business plan.
* The development of market engineering research methodology and instruments. It deals with the establishment of indicators including the selection of relevant information and data for sharing and exchange between the health players and with conceptual and methodological work related to the process of making comparable and for identifying and developing suitable indicators.
* Website and database. Its deals with the conception, development, test, launch, exploitation and management.
* The development of a network Community. It deals with the development of a participants Community wide network for the gathering, sharing and transferring of information
* The information consolidation. It deals with the information analysis, consolidation and reporting on status, trends, and determinants. Reports covering most of the strategic issues related to ICT in health will be published.
* The dissemination of results, the continuous network promotion and development. It deals with the communication of the findings of the projects to the widest audience. It also deals with the network active promotion. The work-programme also provides the project management and direction and its project preparation.

Major milestones include:
The business plan, the market research methodology and instruments, the first public version of the website, the building of the network Community, the information consolidation;
The expected results include: the knowledge based network services, the promotion, management and animation of the network;
The year 2002-based reports, the results dissemination and the network Services promotion, the development of a permanent, self-sufficient and on-going vehicule.

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