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Home care and remote monitoring system for the population with special needs allowing expert advice to be generated ex situ based on the collected data.


Our goal is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of management of home care patients with chronic disease and facilitate overall control over the disease by introduction of a newly developed concept and technology. Introduced low cost, easy to use and simply understandable interactive monitoring will teach the patients how to regulate themselves. This will give the patient a sense of control and allow medical personnel to stay ahead of acute heart failure or other critical conditions. Doc@HOME will provide means for integrating the elderly and disabled into society by introducing remote care essentials quickly and effortlessly to those in need, reducing the overall cost of the patient care and will increase the life quality of the community with diverse health related predicaments. Furthermore, the concept foresees an intuitive work environment for the doctor and care provider establishment.

The project is organized into five main phases, each of which ends with a specific milestone. An incremental approach is used for each phase allowing the research results to be exploited independently and the progress to be assessed prior to project completion. To some extent this will enable to reduce the research risks and minimize plan disruption. The presented phases have been defined carefully to build upon each other and to ensure that the research deliverables are fully adopted into the development activities. For the reasons of quality control a number of intermediate and minor milestones and process control variables are defined and will be continuously traced by Project Coordinator. For the case of deviation from the preset goals alternative strategies for process management have been defined. As a main goal a service configuration and provisioning framework for services with doc@HOME system will be developed, implemented, tested and validated during the project. Also, market analysis will be carried out on an ongoing basis to identify competitors and to remain aware of state-of-the-art technologies. On the basis of the market analysis an exploitation strategy will be developed. Due to the complexity of the project, a strong emphasis will be laid on the business and dissemination plan in order to set a clear objective for the product outcome and the benefit for the business sector as well as the product's marketable potential.

M1 - will ensure that the main goals of doc@HOME are established, confined with administrative measures; produces theoretical grounds, administrative rules and technical blueprints for consequent implementations of the project.
M2;M3 - a technological infrastructure will be established.
M4 - test evaluation of prototypes.
M5 - a research and demonstration trial involving all aspects of doc@HOME functionality.
M6 - will see all research information published and prototypes evaluated.


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