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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Open Archives Forum


The Open Archives Forum (OAF) will provide a Europe-based focus for dissemination of information about European activity related to open archives & the Open Archive Initiative (OAI). The Forum will facilitate clustering of IST projects, national initiatives & other parties interested in the open archive approach. The project will stimulate European involvement in the OAI ensuring that validation of OAI specifications are co-ordinated within Europe, that the European perspective is fully articulated within the OAI, & that European organisations are ready to exploit the benefits of the OAI approach. The OAF will bring interested parties together to build a community of interest, enabled.

Work description:
The work of the Open Archives Forum consists of clustering activities organised into five workpackages as follows:
WP1 Project Management;
WP2 Technical Validation;
WP3 Organisational validation;
WP4 Workshops and;
WP5 Dissemination.

The distribution of responsibility for the WPS is as follows: HUB, WP2; IEI-CNR - WP4, WP5, UKOLN - WP1, WP3. All of the WPS will start in Month 1 and finish in Month 24 of the project.

The work is divided into two thematic WPS dealing specifically with technical and organisational issues relating to open archives and the validation in particular of the Open Archives Initiatives metadata harvesting protocol (WP2, WP3); a WP for carrying out and reporting on a series of four workshops which will enable face-to-face sharing of open archives experience among IST and other European projects and initiatives (WP4); a WP for organising, and carrying out and reporting on other dissemination and communication activities including establishing and continuously updating a website and liaison with the Open Archives Initiative (WP5); and a project management WP for coordination of detailed task planning, progress monitoring and reporting and exploitation planning (WP1).

The work of the four substantive WPS is closely inter-related. For example, some output from the thematic WPS will feed into the workshops and in return be reviewed during and updated following the workshops, and will also provide material for publication via the dissemination WP.

The project management structure will be as followed: the co-ordinating contractor will provide a project manager; the lead participant will provide a WP leader for each WP; and a project management team will be made up of the project manager and WP leaders. Project management tools for planning and monitoring the project will be used, including detailed PERT charts and spreadsheets.

WP1: Std project management milestones ensuring objectives are met, e.g. agree project procedures, schedule project MTGS, regular reporting to EC, input from partners, progress reviews, reviewing resource allocation;
WP2: Several databases available, input mechanism for self registration available;
WP3: Draft interim review, draft final review;
WP4: Workshops: 1, 2, 3 and;
WP5: Website launched.

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