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Clip Card prepares the dissemination of a result of the Telematics Trans-European Public Administration Network project INFOSOND. It consists of helping bring European Administration into the Communication Age, by replacing the paper based traffic violation tickets by smart cards. The project consists of trying the concept in cities of several Member States. The trial is done under the supervision of the Telecities association, to facilitate the rapid uptake in all Member States and several associated states.
ClipCard has received the PROGSI label, which acknowledges that all concerned Ministries in France have analysed the concept and support it. It has also been reviewed in Italy. The system development is underway and will thus be completed when this project starts, as ClipCard is to be presented at the Salon Cartes in October 2001.

The project objectives are:
1. Trial the ClipCard concept, in real life conditions, in several European cities, large and small, of France and Italy: 320.000 traffic tickets will be processed through ClipCard during the project;
2. Prepare the deployment of ClipCard all over Europe.

The trials are supervised by Telecities, created in 1993 to bring together cities and towns sharing similar interests and goals for the development of telematics applications in an urban context. It groups today over 100 cities in Europe and associated countries. During the project, these cities will work in their respective countries to solve eventual legal problems linked with the introduction of ClipCard, as it has already been done in France and Italy, and to prepare themselves for adopting ClipCard.

- Manufacture a sufficient number of prototype terminals to equip trial sites;
- Install a ClipCard back-office software in France and in Italy, connect it to the administration data bases (stolen cars for alerts, tax offices for payments);
- Install the terminals (mobile terminals and base, private booths, public kiosks);
- Train the users (law enforcement forces, tax offices) and set-up the call centre;
- Run and monitor the trials under supervision of Telecities members;
- Report on the trials: set-up the list of modifications required by all members of Telecities.

Deployment preparation:
- Identify legal barriers in all Member States and associated states of Telecities members;
- Identify adaptations needed in ClipCard to break those barriers;
- Identify the business potential in those states (number of traffic tickets, cost of collecting money);
- Determine the costs (for ClipCard) to implement these adaptations;
- Based on the business potential and the cost of adaptations, perform a price/performance analysis, to select the states where ClipCard should be deployed in priority;
- Build a business plan, a deployment plan and an investment plan.


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