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Content archived on 2024-05-18

European Business Register - Open Network


EBR II (financed by 4th FP) realised a telematic network between official Business Registers of 13 European States, for wide distribution of official companies data. Notwithstanding the achieved goals, some factors are preventing EBR to deploy all its potentialities. The EBR-ON mission is to upgrade the existing system, enlarge its coverage, enhance its efficiency, answering more effectively to the market needs. Main objectives: upgrading the Core technology; enhancing the user-services; setting-up of a new marketing strategy; enlarging the network to further Countries, thanks to the taking-up of the XML techn & launching of a new marketing structure covering global markets. Expected results: system open to join third-parties networks & to be accessed by other User Communities; new system functions; more balanced sets of data provided; enlargement to other EU Member/candidate States.

1. The EBR Core technology is the most critical factor preventing full deployment of the network potentialities in terms of service and market. This issue will be addressed, by redesigning the "EBR Core System", changing its Client/Server model into a message based architecture. Attention will be given to those standards (XML and SOAP) that are able to enlarge the compatibility between different systems. 2. The upgrading of the Core technology is pre-requisite for the development of new functions, like: look up services over active sites; message segmentation/long list Support; multi-media support; security framework; electronic payment; smart cards support. 3.The development of new functions allows the release of new services, like one-stop shop, global search enquiries; development of B2B services. 4.A new gateway interface will be defined, described and published, along with the formats of the information objects that can transit through its interface. The progressive migration to the new gateway of all the information providers will be planned. 5.A new structure covering global markets (e-markets, emerging markets) will be created and put under the direct responsibility of EBR itself. 6.The EBR coverage will be enlarged, with the inclusion of 6 further European Countries (of which 2 EU Candidates) 7. Wide dissemination activity is foreseen towards final end users, e-commerce community, other Business registers, different EC Directorate interested in the system 8. Participation to cluster and Best Practices initiatives as well as to correlated initiatives (IDA, E-Europe, E-Government, etc) are part of the work.


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