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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Multimedia GEOinformation for e-Communities in Rural areas with Eco-tourism


REGEO wants to develop a geo-multimedia data content management system for rural regions. It will provide a link between existing regional geo-multimedia data sources to establish a regional e-community. Based on the virtual regional geo-multimedia database different customised applications with focus on eco-tourism, including the aspects of Nature and National parks will be developed. To keep the system open interfaces to other e-platforms and access to on-line and off-line systems will be supported. The system will provide simple GIS functionalities to make use of spatial data content. In addition it will use advanced technologies for presentation and data assessment. A regional geo-multimedia content management system will serve different user groups: administration, public and private enterprises or institutions as well as single customers like visitors. A strong evaluation and exploitation process will be provided.

(1) REGEO will define a system that leads on one hand to a geodata based tourist information system including different offline and online media and on the other hand can be used in the region as geodata pool;
(2) The basis for this system is a virtual geomultimedia database that organises distributed information and that will be flexible enough to serve other tasks than tourism as well;
(3) This concept will serve several levels of users as there are administrations with their planning tasks, visitors that want to have an information system and enterprises that are interested in e-commerce: Tourists get an optimised visual presentation of the region and its offers (all information georeferenced for optimised orientation) on different media (online and offline). The local administrations will get publicity for the tourism sector of their region and regional organised geo-multimedia data through REGEOs virtual database for their own use. Regional SMEs will get the possibility to present themselves and their products in this system;
(4) REGEO will find financing possibilities for such a system and will (v) provide a business plan, publicity material and workshops for dissemination.

Work description:
Four different regions in four different countries have been selected for the project: national parks in Austria and Czech Republic, a landscape park in Poland and a nature park in Germany. So the concept of this project can be tested in different countries with different infrastructure and regional specifications. Nevertheless in all regions the development of eco-tourism is a common major task.

The work has been divided into 6 work packages (WP):
WP 1 will provide a strict project management;
WP 2 will analyse the user situation and the user requirements in each region. Based on the results of work package 2 and the system design outlined in the proposal in;
WP 3 adjusted system architecture will be defined that takes into account the specifications of each region. The system design will focus on a fast geo-multimedia data assessment, a network for a regional virtual geo-multimedia data pool, customised applications in the field of eco-tourism, an advanced presentation and visualisation, as well as interfaces for on-line and off-line systems;
WP 4 will develop and implement the aforementioned system by integrating real data for tests. Missing geodata will be processed based on fast methods using GPS, satellite data and aerial photographs. WP 5 will provide prototypes to be tested in two phases, a limited test phase for prototype 1 in one region and a comprehensive test phase for prototype 2 in all regions. For the final test phase an extended evaluation with selected user groups will be provided. WP 6 will be responsible for the dissemination and exploitation of the developed concept and the results. In WP 6 intensive publicity work will be carried out and interest groups will be contacted. The exploitation will be developed in form of product definition, business plan and financial concepts.

(1) analysis of the regional infrastructure;
(2) REGEO system design by adapting the presented design to test site infrastructure;
(3) REGEO prototype 0 as an initial version;
(4) REGEO prototype 1 and test in one region;
(5) REGEO prototype 2 will be tested in all regions;
(6) REGEO evaluation trials by end user;
(7) REGEO final project results - business plan to design products for the market.

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