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Content archived on 2024-05-24

European Network of Services for Women Health Management


WOMAN, an EC funded project (1998-2000) created an innovative approach: the combination of a Web Portal and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) application in the women health field. The multilingual portal provides Women and Professionals an easy access to Women health information, focused on menopause; the web EPR allows a European data collection and exchange. The aim of WOMAN II project is to enlarge the number of the existing 4 validation sites, in order to create a working European network for data collection and elaboration and to promote the usage of the web portal among citizens and professionals. The Consortium aims to obtain early competitive advantage with the respect to US competitors and the possibility to pass the barriers to successful exploitation (10 sites more). The work to be faced is the adaptation, tuning, customisation and improvement of the already available WOMAN results towards the European users' needs.

The objectives of WOMAN II are:
- to assess the WOMAN services and applications against an enlarged number of actors in new validation sites distributed over the European Union and 3rd countries;
- to promote the usage of web technologies both to women and health professionals to offer continuing education, to keep up-to-date the Web site (;
- to produce multilingual contents for the existing artefacts (information, services and applications are currently available only in English, Italian, Dutch and Spanish);
- to integrate a network of competences, including expert epidemiologists, GPs and Gynaecologists to straighten the partnership and ensure an appropriate collection of significant data;
- to start-up an International Steering Board in collaboration with European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS);
- to carry on the dissemination of the achievements of the project, to create statistically significant databases for research, scientific and economical evaluation studies.

Work description:
The results achieved in WOMAN are currently "time to market". A small number of further developments are needed for applying with success the solutions developed in the context of WOMAN to a European market. In this sense, the most important activity to be carried out is to validate the WOMAN products and services against a complete European user group. The approval of this take-up action, will certainly impact positively the WOMAN exploitation, contributing to fund the costs associated to the validation, adaptation, fine-tuning, customisation of the products.

The steps foreseen are:
- Set Up Trial Scenarios (WOMAN EPR and services installation at all sites, WOMAN Local Web Sites Customisations);
- Measurements and Validation (Fine tuning of WOMAN existing Validation Plan, WOMAN Validation);
- Assessments (EPR fine tuning;
- Local sites fine tuning;
- Global site fine tuning: Contents, Language, Services);
- Multilingual Translation (EPR Translation, Global Site Translation, Local Sites Translation);
- Demonstration (Demonstration of EPR at local sites, Demonstration of EPR between cross sites, Demonstration of (WOMAN site services);
- Dissemination (Involvement of new centres, Investigating market opportunity, Market validation exercises and trials, Business planning for the deployment phase).

The success of this take up action will create a network of experts working together using web technologies, will allow European women and professionals to find high quality and approved content in their own idiom, will allow the SMEs involved in the project to achieve an international acknowledgement and exploit the results in the EU market.

Creation of a real European EPR network regarding menopause and a useful multilingual portal on Women health, where women and professionals could find information and services in their own idiom. The combination of the EPR and the portal, offers a real e-business model that could be used also in other domains. Within the 2002 the EPR will be translated in all EC languages (both at the user's interface and DB level), in order to really allow a European data collection regarding women health.

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