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Content archived on 2024-05-18

European initiative for a Citizen digital ID solution


EUCLID aims at supporting the collaborative action initiated in the eEurope Smart Card Charter Trailblazer 1 (TB1) Public Identity"". The goals of TB1 are to create a plan for European Citizen Digital ID and to elaborate minimal requirements and recommendations to make sure that electronic public ID tokens issued in the member states can be read and recognised in the other member states. Through a ""Thematic Network"" type of project, EUCLID will provide the support infrastructure and coordination required for an efficient collaboration of the TB1 member organisations. EUCLID will also provide the required information dissemination means to promote a common approach to the implementation of citizen digital ID in Europe and initiate the preparatory work for standardisation.

EUCLID aims at supporting the creation of consensus on the implementation of citizen digital ID in Europe. It will Directly contribute to the priorities defined in the eEurope Smart Card Charter Action Plan. EUCLID will provide the leadership and the support infrastructure to carry out this initiative. It will also provide the resources and professional support for an awareness campaign to promote large adoption of common requirements in citizen digital ID by the Member states. The results of EUCLID will facilitate the deployment of e-government and e-commerce applications.

EUCLID project will be organised following the key requirements in a successful European collaboration:
1. The creation of a favourable framework for cooperation and consensus making. This covers support for physical meetings but also remote cooperation of members through a Web tool designed for supporting a virtual community. It aims at supporting the community initially established in Trailblazer 1 ""Public Identity"" and the contribution to eEurope Smart Cards general events;
2. The provision of expert support to achieve high level professional results. Expert working groups will be established to provide input on specific input such as technology requirements for the implementation of Citizen Digital ID. Cooperation with related Trailblazers, pilots and related smart card technology and application projects will be supported. Experts support will also be provided to prepare a WhiteBook on Public ID, which will consolidate the main results of the collaboration and provide support for the preparation of standardisation actions.3. Information dissemination will be an important facet of the EUCLID project. The different public and private organisations concerned by Public ID must be made aware of the of eEurope Smart Card Charter work on Public ID and its outcomes. The communications strategy and targets will be defined in a communication plan established at project start in coordination with the eEurope Smart Card Steering Committee to ensure consistency with the Information dissemination carried out at the level. It will be prepared with the support of a professional communicationscompany.4. Project management procedures to monitor project progress, timely achievement of quality results, planning, monitoring of resources & reporting to the EC.


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