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Content archived on 2024-05-27

A Knowledge management platform with Intelligence & Insight capabilities for Technology Intensive Industries


The project promotes knowledge management practices to technology intensive industries. The development of a platform is described that enables the discovery of technology trends, expertise in demand, new dynamics and markets and, by the same token, declining fields and professions. It can aid businesses to exploit opportunities and profit out of the knowledge, better prepare the professionals to the new challenge, increase their efficiency and reduce overall unemployment, and guide researchers to better synchronize their research with the needs of the market.

The objective of the h-TechSight project is to improve the capabilities of technology intensive organizations to monitor, assess, predict & respond to technological trends & changes. To achieve that, the project will develop technologies for systematically & automatically updating, dynamic knowledge maps of specific technology domains. These will act as advanced business intelligence support for market, products & technology watch and will represent a novel knowledge management practice in an area (technology evolution assessment). The objectives would lead to a Knowledge Management Platform for the intelligent monitoring, planning, forecasting of technological evolution in highly dyn.

Work description:
The project workplan is deployed to ensure: co-ordination of all activities towards producing a concrete Offer to the high tech industry, comprising of software tools for intelligent knowledge discovery, tested in real life scenarios, methodology for process support and for introducing the Offer into the high tech industry; getting all users involved very early in the project in order to define the industry needs for knowledge management and thus produce a set of requirements for the design of the knowledge management platform; incremental delivery of results that can be disseminated, ensuring continuous interaction between development, dissemination and exploitation activities as well as project reviewing activities; maintaining users involved throughout the project for continuous evaluation and market orientation.

The workplan is structured in three main phases (Research, Development, Validation): During the Research Phase, WP1, "Knowledge Management Requirements" the Requirements for KM in technology intensive industries and the State of the Art KM technologies and practices are identified.
During the Development Phase, WP2, "Sample Ontology Development" a "Core" ontology system for the discipline is developed; WP3, "Dynamic Ontology Management system" proceeds with the detailed design of the dynamic components of the ontology; WP4, "Knowledge Discovery Tools" develops search agents to support the dynamic evolution of ontologies and intelligent search across domains; WP5, "Knowledge Management Platform" integrates the solutions and delivers the architecture and prototype of the KM platform. During Validation Phase, WP6 "KMP deployment and evaluation" consists of validating and improving the developments in real-life scenarios. In parallel, WP7 "Exploitation & Dissemination" and WP8, "Project Management" ensure project steering, market orientation, results communication, business strategy formulation and quality assurance issues.

- Development of dynamic ontologies to interrelate technologies and expertise;
- Knowledge management platform to implement the ontologies towards a dynamic framework;
- Assessment and validation studies from the application of the work.

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