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Content archived on 2024-05-27

REGIONAL INDICATORS of e-Government and e-Business in Information Technologies


Regional-IST will foster the convergence of regional IS Observatories to become a platform to assess decision makers. The project will establish a collaboration network of organisations acting as official regional channels of IS Statistics. The project is backed by the commitment of regional official bodies and Statistical Institutes. The project, out of the local needs and Observatories requirements, will define e-government and e-business indicators common for all the regions together with specific regional targets. Surveys will be carried out at different sites. The project will also focus on the collection and classification of statistical data enabling observatories to collect data quickly and have a user-friendly analysis tool enabling non-experts to interrogate data via web. Services will enable the project to interact with decision makers, experts and media to disseminate public and statistical information.

The aim of the project is to study e-Government and e-Business implementation in the European regions to measuring, auditing and benchmarking the use of ICT. Sub-targets are:
1. IS-Observatories best practice: to establish a common regular exchange of statistical data;
2. eGovernment: definition of set of indicators following the current guidelines of eEurope;
3. eBusiness: definition of indicators following studies commissioned by official bodies;
4. Classifications and Nomenclatures: methods to match available statistical registers with International Nomenclatures, for the purpose of defining the ICT sector, new economic activities, products and labour skills;
5. Data collection: the project will perform fieldwork and new methods for data processing;
6. Benchmarking and display: surveys, data mining and benchmarking of public processes, which are becoming digital will be provided. We will research the possibility to provide holistic measurements of IS growth.

In order to provide a comprehensive and focused evaluation of the evolving European new economy, we will study mainly the indicators related to e-government and e-business. The project will perform work for these two areas in each of the participating countries/regions, and will adopt a sort of ""standards"" as reachable targets to be assumed within the guidelines and agenda of e-Europe. Indicators and targets to be reached will address the specific ethnographic and socio-technological situation and restrictions in the different countries and regions. Effort will be set to correlate countries with similar population and/or similar GPD. For this purpose we will:
a) Define the processes, products and organizational issues necessary to coordinate regional/national IS Observatories;
b) Use data from the institutions we represent, from regional and national administrations, and from EUROSTAT/New Cronos;
c) Test and propose an elaboration of standard nomenclatures (NACE, ISCOCPA/NACE, COFOG) to accessible directories of IST sector, products, government services and labour skills;
d) Collect data from publicly accessible Internet data;
e) Define along with e-Europe local e-Government and e-Business indicators and targets;
f) Carry out surveys to households and enterprises with the support of the official regional bodies;
g) Data processing, data analysis and data mining: data will be explored for consistent patterns and relationships;
h) Visualization tool: project results will be on an interactive web backed by a database with indicators/targets per country and with a customized search engine;
i) A loop feedback process will be established between project work and contribution/assessment from decision makers through the Forums.


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