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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Global Electronic Medium Constallation for Dynamic Content Integration


GEMINI aims to exploit the opportunities coming form the convergence of different mediums (Digital television, Internet, Newspapers etc), the ability to transfer digital content fast, accurate and at low cost and the existence of several potential suppliers and customers. It will contribute to the economic development of the Community by providing means for the initialization, development and maintenance of a dynamic constellation delivery value to all the participants in the media and entertainment sector. The project introduces value-adding services to the consumers through the instant access to a large repository of content, based on viewers' requests and needs. In addition, GEMINI project will pave the ground in additional future services related to provision of content in any form and of any type in a user-friendly way.

The GEMINI project will provide an integrated mediation platform (GEMINI Service Provider) oriented to sport events that will satisfy four types of objectives:
- User friendly content provision based on specific viewers demand, to the extent of aggregated content from different sources / mediums;
- Support of the broadcasting program with additional features and capabilities;
- Understand and extend the exact viewers needs in additional content provision;
- Support the creation of virtual communities thus supporting efficient targeting of the viewers.

The developments within of GEMINI will include:
- The design and development of the enabling infrastructure (content classification, aggregation and indexing techniques) for the Content Providers, Broadcasters and Viewers TV sets that will be used in order to fulfil the viewers demand. Especially regarding classification methods, GEMINI aims to design efficient mechanisms for content's metadata description. To this end, close collaboration with the respective standardisation bodies (e.g. TV-Anytime Forum) will take place during the life span of the project. GEMINI is expected to provide significant input regarding standardisation on sport events;
- Development of a Dynamic Value Constellation business model that would assemble various partners of the digital TV value chain (focused mainly on content providers) and facilitate the automation of critical processed such as negotiations and pricing schemes, IPR etc;
- Adoption of an open architecture compatible with state of the art standards such as DVB/MHP;
- Development of models for the analysis of the consumers' preferences with respect to sport events in order to support effective and efficient provision of several recommendations to the consumer, notifying the viewer for the existence of updated content;
- Execution of in-field trials in the three participating countries and evaluation / validation of the proposed dynamic value constellation model of co-operation.

The aforementioned objectives will be realised through the implementation of the required infrastructure to all the participants of the constellation, as well as a multi-layer architecture comprising functional components (DVB/MHP compatible), Internet based applications enriched with sports-related XML definitions, multidimensional Information Models and underlying technology infrastructure (PVRs, next generation set-top boxes, database servers etc.). It should be noted that one of the core innovative aspects of the project is the development of digital TV applications for advanced set-top-boxes, which incorporate hard disk and significant processing power. To this end, INTRACOM will provide its new Java-based set-top-box that is currently under development for the design of GEMINI applications and the trials.


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