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European Access to manufacturing services for MEMS and optical MEMS on SOI Micromachining Technologies


The MEMSOI partners will firstly establish a Multi-Project Wafer service dedicated to Optical MEMS prototyping and an associated CAD tool to support it. Then establish a service for the development of innovative components on semi-specific SOI technologies that will be supported by two existing commercial CAD tools. 8 Design Houses will then be trained on TRONIC'S SOI technologies and services and will ensure design services to their customers. They will keep TRONIC'S up-dated on their market evolution. This up-date will complement the results of dissemination and marketing actions that will be conducted by TRONIC'S and sub-contractors in order to have a deep knowledge of the market trends.

The aim of the MEMSOI proposal is to facilitate and widen the use of microsystems technologies in Europe. This goal will be firstly achieved by providing customers with advanced CAD tools and low cost design and prototyping based on TRONIC'S generic Epi-SOI surface micromachining technology. Those will considerably reduce all the technological and economical barriers to microsystems development in Europe. In addition, the local design services provided by 8 Design Houses to their customers on TRONIC'S mature SOI technologies, will also reduce the problems of language barriers and will therefore facilitate cross-European collaboration, development of new products and creation of new market opportunities for the European Industry.

Work description:
The MEMSOI work program consists of putting together all the necessary services and tools required by customers to easily develop and have their MST components produced on the quickest and cheapest way. Based on past Europractice experiences and studies, the MEMSOI partners will establish the first Multi-Project Wafer prototyping service focused on Optical MEMS components and using TRONIC'S Optical SOI technology. As a complement, the partners will also establish a prototyping service for new components on semi-specific technologies based on TRONIC'S generic Epi-SOI technology. The existing 8 European Design Houses of MEMSOI will then be trained on the Optical SOI technology as well as on the rules of customisation the Epi-SOI technology in order to propose a broader service of development to their local customers. The partners will also ensure the maintenance and dissemination of the 2 existing commercial CAD tools dedicated to the Epi-SOI technology and management the development of a new kit dedicated to Optical components. Those kits will support the design and prototyping services and help non expert customers in creating new components and systems. Those tools and services will be made available for industrial companies, SMEs and institutes. In parallel to the reinforcement or establishment of the tools and services, the partners will conduct a strong dissemination activity in order to create awareness on the capabilities of MST and especially of SOI technologies. They will also conduct a strong marketing activity in order to generate new businesses for the different services and also in order to define the market trends on different market segments. Those marketing actions will help the market-orientation of the offer and the creation of new relations with customers that will eventually end by the creation of new products.

- Training of the 8 design houses on TRONIC'S Epi SOI technologies design rules and capabilities;
- Release of a design kit for the optical Epi SOI technology;
- 12 optical Epi SOI MPW runs;
- 30 designs produced on the optical Epi SOI MPW during the 3 years;
- 120 face to face meetings with potential customers;
- 2 new MEMS and 4 new optical MEMS components industrialized on customers demand.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Tronic's Microsystems
15, Rue Des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble

Participants (8)

Acreo Ab
Isafjordsgatan 22
164 40 Stockholm-kista
Applied Microengineering Ltd
United Kingdom
68, Milton Park
OX14 4RX Abingdon
3, Rue Michel-ange
75794 Paris Cedex 16
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75752 Paris Cedex 15
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
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Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V.
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National University of Ireland, Cork
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SINTEF - Stiftelsen for Industriell Og Teknisk Forskning Ved Norges Tekniske Hoegskole
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