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The main innovation of the GeoTraceAgri project comes from the use of the geomatic technology in all the steps of the agribusiness channel, from the field to the distribution to consumers. Present georeferencing data used in trace ability process will be a substantial added value in comparison with the commonly used methods. The certificate of origin now measurable (terroir, region, country) will become an objective data and will replace present indications of origin mainly based on declarations.

With the globalisation of exchanges, the citizen has become an experienced consumer, very particular about the origin of the food he consumes and on the protection of the environment. He requests a trace ability going from the producer to the distribution of agribusiness products. The consortium GeoTraceAgri considers that a certification of the geographical origin is a key element in the trace ability process. Starting from the example of the geomatic technology applied in precision farming, GeotraceAgri proposes to conceive relevant geographical information indicators, tools and methods that are able to provide acceptable answers both to the citizens concerned about food security and environmental protection.

Work description:
The purpose of the GEOTRACEAGRI project is to define a methodology for the sampling, acquisition, utilization and processing of georeferenced data that will be used to generate agro-environmental indicators at various geographical scales. The first task consists in the definition of the indicators and in the determination of the indicator classes that are relevant to geographical trace ability in agriculture. The various geographical scales considered are: the plot, the field, the catchments and the region for which the origin of the product is certified (region d'appellation contrôlée AOC). In the next step, a reference system for geographical trace ability will be constructed for each agricultural sector (animal and vegetal production). The third step consists in the development of the computer infrastructure that will ensure the geographical trace ability of the agricultural products. Finally, to prepare a proper dissemination of the research results, the way in which the GEOTRACEAGRI approach could be transposed to all agricultural sectors will be studied.

1. definition of the indicators that are relevant to geographical traceability;
2. definition of a geomatic reference system;
3. development of user-friendly visualization and communication tools;
4. application of the approach to all agricultural sectors. Validation of steps 1-4 by the various contributors (participative approach).

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