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Content archived on 2024-05-18

FairsNet - On-line Solutions for Trade Fairs


FairsNet is a trial conceived with the overall objective to customise and validate a Web based integrated information technology application solution to support trade fair organisers to manage their entire business cycle of planning, organising and running exhibitions (""real fairs"" in the physical exhibition environment as well as Web based ""virtual fairs"") and related on-line events. Furthermore, such an IT application solution is intended to enable and facilitate the seamless participation of European SMEs in modern fairs, as a commercial promotion tool. It is therefore enabling them to easily and cost-effectively access and exploit a wider spectrum of commercial opportunities.

Based on the Fairwis Software System prototype, the general scope of the FairsNet trial is to transform it into a ready-to-enter-the-market-product, overcoming specific market and technology related barriers to successful exploitation, in order to:? Expand its fields of application to a greater diversity of fair related tasks and types of fair related user groups? Improve the Prototype adaptability to different Management Information Systems environments and platforms? Enhance the capabilities of supporting 100% virtual trade fairs as well as the migration from real fairs to partial or totally virtual fairs? Exploit synergies with already existing standardisation activities in the trade fair communities.

The FairsNet trial will be undertaken during a 18 months period and the achievement of the established objectives will require a total estimated effort of 203 person/months by a multi-disciplinary team of User Organisations, technology solutions providers and organisational change & marketing experts. During this period, the Consortium will be focussed on the adaptation, fine-tune, customisation and validation of the Fairwis System capabilities, as well as new ones designed specifically for satisfying target segments demands. Also, dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as monitoring and evaluation of project results will play an key role. Project Management will ensure the smooth running of the project. The workplan to achieve the FairsNet aims has been structured in 6 workpackages: ? WP1. Adaptation and fine-tune of the existing prototype application to target wider business processes needs? WP2. Customisation and implementation of the full-fledged software solution? WP3. Validation of the implemented System? WP4. Measurement and evaluation of the trial results ? WP5. Dissemination and Exploitation Plan? WP6. Project Management.

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