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Manufacturing cluster providing MULTI-functional MEMS service to the industry


MultiMEMS is a manufacturing cluster providing a European wide Multi-functional MEMS service to the industry with the aim to establish a flexible MEMS service that better will be able to meet customer needs and expectations. New and expanding markets will be focused and target applications such as Bio-, RF- and Opto MEMS will be addressed. The cluster builds on the achievements of the NORMIC cluster and will utilise the experience and results from the NORMIC programme. While the overall objective remains making micro system technology accessible to the European industry, MultiMEMS will develop a more flexible service by introducing a higher degree of modularisation and identify and add new processes for specific applications. Some of these processes may be established at third parties.

Work description:
The increase in flexibility will be strongly focused on the needs identified for specific applications, foremost within Bio, RF and Opto applications. These applications have so far not been typical for the use of the NORMIC process, and it is considered essential that demonstrators are fabricated. The demonstrators will not only illustrate to the market what can be achieved within these applications by using the MultiMEMS technology but more importantly, will ensure manufacturability in application-specific processes, and ensure design rule consistency.
MultiMEMS focus areas are:
- Development of packaging services including new flexible concepts, as this is considered to be a critical area in fast evolution;
- The NORMIC concept of providing a complete service from idea to volume production is maintained within MultiMEMS;
- The MPW service established during NORMIC will be maintained in MultiMEMS as a low cost entry point;
- To improve market penetration and increase business volumes, the cluster will establish formal agreements with a number of Service Access Satellites (S-A-S);
- The cluster will also increase the focus on training as it is considered to be an important element in the marketing of the service both in the short and long run.

The following results are expected from the MultiMEMS operations:
- At least one project within new application area (e.g. Bio, RF and Opto);
- A total of 10 MPW and custom runs completed;
- Eight Service-Access-Satellite agreements signed;
- A minimum of 8 training sessions (courses and workshops);
- At least one demonstrator supporting the application of MultiMEMS technology within Bio, RF or Opto applications.

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