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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Networks Used in Globally Generic Television Systems


Introduce digital network technologies into programme production part of the broadcast chain. Development of a Rich Media network architecture based upon file manipulation and compatible with live production and public network constraints. This will modify the existing workflow and will introduce an important cost reduction on programme production. Investigate the feasibility of interchange of content as generic files over several SANs and LANs connected via MAN/WAN. A key constraint for this system will be the low or short latency to maintain real time aspects inherent to live production and flexibility to operate with adequate quality of service. Results of the project will be the design, building, testing and demonstration of a prototype ""Intelligent Production System"" distributed in-house and/or through public network with low latency but high data rate. Take advantage of the results of the recent IST-1999-11238 G-FORS project.

Develop a distributed and networked system architecture that addresses all areas of programme production, from capture, through conforming, to archive storage and play out. Introduce new workflow concepts to be applied for this production environment. Increase industry acceptance of MXF file interchange format, work in the refinement of MXF standard, complete the development of the MXF SDK and develop a set of applications to create and manipulate MXF files. Take dissemination actions and provide assistance in the understanding of MXF standard and the use of MXF tools. Demonstrate and test editing and conforming real programmes using this widely distributed system and generic file exchange. More generally, it is expected that the components of the system will read and understand MXF files and that they will operate in a network oriented mode.

WP1 Project Co-ordination: Commission liaison/ Project ManagementWP2 User Requirement and Validation: Collect user requirements- analysis of the results in the light of financial and operational pressures on content producers/ Information dissemination among selected user group of the potential benefits of networked production/ Update user requirements/ Develop user test methodology/ User trials- gain a measure of the relative efficiency improvementsWP3 System Specification: System Requirements Specification and network architectures/ Investigate, choose and specify control and essence interfaces to network for the camera/ Investigate, choose and specify processes for storage/ Investigate, choose and specify appropriate implementations of algorithms for low latency compression/ Further validation and optimisation of MXF standardWP4 System Development and Integration: Design and build prototype fault tolerant network enabling to share data between equipment and over the network/ Design and build or interface network compatible prototype components needed for the demonstrator (cameras, control devices, interfaces, viewing devices, servers, storage devices, MXF real time hardware wrapper and application tools)/ Integrate and test full chain / Optimise the systemWP5 Project Assessment and Evaluation: Define project objectives in measurable form and assess project objective risk/ On-going Risk Evaluation- assess the risks in the project, monitor the technical progress throughout the project and monitor competing technologiesWP6 Dissemination and Industry Liaison: Create and maintain Nuggets Web site/ Plan how the project results will be disseminated/ Carry out dissemination plan/ Monitor the state of the market and the state of research in the relevant technology areas/ Standardisation activities that will include updating, maintaining and debugging the MXF format as well as looking at the feasibility of network control standardisation/ Exploitation Planning.


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