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The GRID is widely seen as a step beyond the Internet, incorporating pervasive high bandwidth, high-speed computing, intelligent sensors and large-scale databases into a seamless pool of managed and brokered resources, available to industry, scientists and the man in the street. The potential benefits and social impact of the GRID are so great, that it is imperative to involve industry and the service-provision community at an early stage to ensure that the European economy and society can take full advantage of this revolution. The objective of the GRIDSTART Accompanying Measure is to maximise the impact of EU-funded Grid and related activities through the clustering of the currently funded projects and thereby enhance the potential of the new Grid technologies to benefit the people of the European Union.

The objective of this Accompanying Measure is to maximise the impact of EU-funded Grid and related activities through clustering.

This will be done primarily by:
- Consolidating technical advances across a cluster of projects in order to exploit fully the synergies between their activities;
- Driving forward GRID developments by identifying and amplifying synergies between different application areas;
- Encouraging interaction amongst similar activities within Europe and worldwide;
- Ensuring that Europe plays a full role in the setting of international standards. Strong participation in the GGF has already been identified as a priority;
- Stimulating the early take-up by industry and research of Grid-enabled applications;
- Opening the benefits of cluster membership by association to other suitable EU and national projects.

Work description:
Realising the primary objectives of the project will involve achieving the following goals:
- Consolidating the technical work of projects clustered together by this proposal through the establishment of a technical committee and by providing a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas between all groups involved in Grid-based technical work. This technical committee will form a European focus for European GRID developments and will offer support and advice to all appropriate groups;
- Providing an effective and focused technical voice for these projects with respect to the establishment of standards and representation in technical forums at the European and Global levels. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring adequate and appropriate European representation at the GGF and other influential forums identified during the work;
- Supporting projects in exploiting the potential of their technical developments both within industry and EU research groups;
- Establishing and maintaining effective targeted dissemination and awareness creation to the providers and users identified above;
- Establishing, maintaining and consolidating effective feedback mechanisms from potential users of the Grid. As appropriate, this feedback will moderate the technical developments in order to maximise their commercial relevance;
- Encouraging and supporting an active dialogue between different application areas to maximise the benefits of developments applicable across different sectors.

The GRIDSTART project will bring the following benefits to European Grid activities: consolidate technical developments and interaction between projects, act as a focused voice in the development of international standards and disseminate European Grid developments to a wide European audience.

Annual milestones:
M1: Project established. Initial dissemination plans, and technical and standards reports completed;
M2: All tasks started. Initial plans and reports updated. Press stream started;
M3: End of project. Measures of success assessed. Final reports completed.

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