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Awareness and Dissemination Activities for Advanced Control In Europe


Automatic Control is a hidden technology. It is present in most technological developments and plays a crucial role in the Information Technology. Nevertheless, its relevance is not well perceived by the Society, the Academia and the students. The main goal of these activities is to provide a full set of opportunities to develop this field in Europe in the next two years. The Accompanying Measures are focussed to increase the European benefit of holding a number of technical events from both individuals and institutions. These events will be held in Spain, Portugal (Institute of Systems and Robotics, Lisbon), Greece (Technical University of Crete, Helios), and United Kingdom (University of Cambridge).

The main goal of these Accompanying Measures is to point out the relevance of the field of Automatic Control in the new technologies used in the information society, and to disseminate this information in the European Community. Four International meetings will be held in European countries, during the period of execution of the Accompanying Measures, providing the best environment to accomplish the awareness and dissemination of the field achievements. For that purpose, the following partial goals are proposed:
1. To emphasise the presence of Automatic Control concepts and solutions in a broad area of applications, including: communications, computing, robotics, economics, decision taking, industrial production;
2. To spread this knowledge in different social sectors, including the Academia, the young students, the research centres the public institutions and, in general, the Society;
3. To analyse the funding options for research and Development in the field.

Work description:
The partial objectives are:
I. To present a number of socially relevant problems where the control plays a crucial role;
II. To bring together a number of experts to discuss about the different options in applying control;
III. To allow the interaction with young researchers and students to disseminate these ideas;
IV. To issue a documentation able to inform a larger audience about these options;
V. To propose some guidelines for research and development of this field in the Information Society;
VI. To find funding options to promote the research in European groups working in this and connected fields and the exchange of knowledge among them as well as with other non-European groups.
For that purpose, in the framework of a number of technical meetings already planned to be held in European locations, the following complementary activities will be developed:
1. To organise an Open Forum on Internet with participation of the research funding agencies;
2. To elaborate a brochure with motivational and verifiable applications and concepts to promote the flow of young researchers into this field;
3. To invite keynote speakers;
4. To run a workshop on Advanced Automatic Control Issues in the framework of the World Congress;
5. To provide partial support for young researchers attending these meetings;
6. To schedule a number of lectures at different European Institutions to promote the field. These lectures would be also available at the webpage of the Coordinating Institution, to allow a broader dissemination. These activities, as described in Annex 1, are carried out by: UPV (Univ. Politécnica Valencia, Spain), UOC (Univ. Oberta de Catalunya), IST (Institute of Systems and Robotics), TUC (Tech. Univ. Crete) and UC (Univ. Cambridge).

The Open Forum conclusions will be analysed to provide their best dissemination Knowledge and experience in running the Open Forum Set of contributions in different application fields Dissemination actions: participation of young researchers and experts from Eastern European Countries Dissemination products: booklet edition, web page launching and maintenance, set of lectures at different locations.

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