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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Scalable Exhibtion Server


SCALEX is an application server for the publishing of digital content in exhibitions, museums and cultural institutions. With SCALEX museums shall prepare and realise adaptive, knowledge based exhibitions and exhibition components. SCALEX uses metadata-based knowledge repositories for the authoring of the exhibition and for the programming of interactions between visitors and exhibition components. SCALEX endows the visitor of an exhibition with the ability to modify its content by selecting traversals of the entire exhibition and by browsing additional content. SCALEX recognizes user behaviour and presents customized content to specific user groups and individuals. SCALEX uses state of the art internet server technology as a base for components tailored for the specific requirements of museums and exhibitions. SCALEX is tested with model exhibitions and developed in close cooperation with museums and cultural institutions to ensure that the product suits their needs.

The general objectives of the SCALEX-Project are:- to create an affordable, scalable and flexible solution for the presentation of digital media in museums, - to customize exhibition content for different user groups and personalize the exhibition experience- to deliver a metadata-based authoring tool for digital exhibitions- to integrate the publishing of digital media in exhibitions and on the web.The SCALEX technology aims at the synchronous and customizable rendering of information on a series of different displays in exhibition or presentation premises. The rendering depends on the type of display and synchronizes stationary and mobile devices, including ambient interfaces. Since SCALEX exclusively uses internet technology and internet protocols it will also allow for the publishing of exposition content on the web.

SCALEX will consist of the following modules: SCALEX EDITOR for the editing of the exhibitions based on multidimensional knowledge maps with a graphical interface. The editor uses standard compliant metadata formats. The user ontology is part of the metadata repository. SCALEX STORYLINER for the transformation the multidimensional knowledge map into a set of storylines adapted to different user groups. The output of the story liner are different editable linear and linked traversals of the exhibition material. SCALEX PLAYER for the display of the media in exhibitions and on the web. The architecture will be scalable, starting with the presentation on one or two monitors and/or beamers and allowing the addition of stationary and mobile display devices. The player will rely on standard based internet and open source technology. It contains a synchronizer ensuring the synchronised display of the components of the exhibition and a profiler tracking user behaviour and feeding it back to the editor. The product will be tested, refined and disseminated with two model exhibitions produced by large European science museums in cooperation with centres for electronic media and with a digital exhibition for schools. For dissemination purposes, we will have a public website, the results of SCALEX will be published in the form of scientific papers and presented at relevant conferences. The industrial partners of SCALEX will elaborate a market survey and develop a detailed exploitation plan. Within the consortium agreement the licensing procedure and other IPR issues will be defined.

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