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Content archived on 2024-05-18

A central MARket place for dissemination of LOW-power micro-electronics design knowledge


The ability of designing low-power circuits and applications is key for electronics industries aiming at market competitiveness in the wireless era. Building upon the results of the TARDIS ESD-LPD cluster, the MARLOW project will offer a coordinated take-up action to disseminate to a broad audience low-power electronic design knowledge, by providing access means to training, expertise and background information. The project will create a flexible and dynamic framework (e.g. a Thematic Network) that will favour the exchange of information and the transfer of technology among the partners and with industry and SMEs. Services that will be provided include, but are not limited to a comprehensive low-power design WEB-portal, a technology and methodology roadmap giving directions for future challenging areas of research and development, on-demand consulting and points of technical synchronization for the low-power design community.

The main objective of the MARLOW project is to set-up and manage a coordinated take-up action to disseminate to a broad audience the low-power design knowledge available Europe-wide. Detailed objectives are:
- Creation of an indexed repository;
- Set-up and maintenance of a low-power methodology database;
- Creation of a low-power technology and methodology roadmap;
- Systematic organization of low power related events;
- Recruitment of industrial sponsors and supporters;
- Organization of various forms of training sessions;
- Offering of on-demand consulting services for industries and SMEs.

Work description:
The work plan is structured into five work packages:
- WP1 will be concerned with the set-up and maintenance of an indexed repository of the (re-edited) material developed within the ESPRIT TARDIS ESD-LPD cluster of projects;
- WP2 will deal with the creation and maintenance of a low-power methodology data-base containing up-to-date material and links to persons, organizations and project that are strongly related to low-power design technologies, methodologies and tools;
- WP3 will address training and consulting aspects. In particular, the training material developed within the IST INTRALED project will be exploited for the organization of training sessions along with the events set-up in WP4. An intensive activity of course brokerage and advertisement, including the usage of the Electronic Course Directory (ECD) developed within the IST Euro Training project, will favour the set-up and running of additional training sessions. On-demand consulting will also be provided to industries and SMEs;
- WP4 will focus on four main tasks. The first will be the creation of a roadmap that will try to forecast the evolution of low-power technologies and design methodologies in a period of 5 to 8 years from now. The second task will deal with the organization of low-power related events, including dedicated workshops, special sessions in international conferences, seminars, panels and round-tables. The third task will be concerned with the recruitment of industrial sponsors and supporters, interested in contributing to the activities of the project and, possibly, to offer some financial support. The last task will be devoted to the set-up and maintenance of the MARLOW WEB portal, the main web-site of the project from which all other databases and catalogues of the project will originate;
- Finally, WP5 will deal with project co-ordination and management, including technical, financial and contractual administration.

- Updated ESD-LPD indexed repository of low-power design material;
- Low-power methodology database. MARLOW workshops and training sessions;
- Electronic low-power training catalogue;
- Technology and methodology roadmap for low-power design;
- MARLOW WEB-portal.

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