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With the growth of the fixed, wireless and mobile internets, the convergence process of information technology, communications and media faces new challenges. ISIS proposes to solve one key issue: procure a technology to provide scalable, seamless multimedia services. Today's state of the art in the area of scalable content for multi-devices and multi-networks delivery systems has validated the technical feasibility and the business perspectives of such technology, but it remains mainly limited to text based data. To extend existing concepts to support richer media types (e.g. streamed audio, video, 2D&3D graphics) the project proposes to specify, design and develop a complete platform for scalable multimedia content creation, management, delivery and consumption. This will allow improvement of quality and usability of multimedia information.

The goal of ISIS is to design, implement and validate a multimedia framework that allows for audio-visual content to be created once and adapted to a wide range of service scenarios by customization to different transport characteristics and end device capabilities as well as personalization to end-user preferences. The transport mechanisms envisaged are those of the fixed, wireless and mobile Internets. The end-devices include the variety of personal computers and handheld terminals connected to these networks.

To this end, the following objectives will be pursued:
1-Development of tools for coding, managing, delivering &playing back scalable audio, video & graphics contents;
2-Integration in a consistent end-to-end production, delivery and consumption chain;
3-Validation &demonstration of scalability functionality through prototype application.

A three phase approach will be adopted for the development of the project. These phases will be coordinated by a work package on Project Management. In a first phase, the project will produce a global system specification defining the various building blocks to be developed and integrated in order to achieve the targeted functionality of scalable multimedia content production, management, delivery and consumption. In a second phase, the project will develop the various components of this system:
- Content representation tools for scalable audio, video and graphics;
- Content customization and personalization framework;
- Content consumption tools on hand held devices. In a final phase, the project will integrate all these components and validate the resulting end-to-end platform with a sample application that will illustrate the ISIS technology in a meaningful scenario. ISIS will develop and contribute to a wide range of innovative technologies including novel scalable representation techniques for audio, video and graphics data. A complete integrated content customization and personalization framework which will optimize the perceived user quality of service of the streamed multimedia content will be specified and implemented. New ways of end-to-end quality of service provisioning for fixed and mobile networks and terminals will be provided. ISIS will therefore make a strong contribution to the technology convergence process. The project will also make many contributions to Standardization Bodies in these areas.

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