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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Validation of Location-based User Services in China


The general objectives of VALUE are to adapt leading edge mobile traveller LBS services to Chinese conditions and validate the full capability of these services through dedicated trials. The end product of VALUE is a validated platform for implementation of various user-centric map-based applications in China and will therefore benefit a great number of European technology providers in the concerned IST fields.

Work description:
The project activities are organised in the following 7 work packages:
WP1 Project Management overall co-ordination of project activities;
WP2 Requirements Analysis:
- Identifying and analysing country specific requirements related to geographical databases, particularly in terms of its functionality supporting various IST applications and propose a GDF extension;
- Specification of a feasible test concept following on a thorough analysis of local test conditions and user needs and requirements for mobile traveller LBS;
- Training the Chinese partners to make them familiar with the European digital mapping standards;
WP3 Creation of Test Database;
- Adapting European digital mapping technologies to the Chinese conditions, together with the Chinese partners;
- Creating a GDF compliant test database of a selected sample area in Beijing, based on geographic source material and/or existing databases;
WP4 System Adaptation;
- Design of overall system architecture for mobile traveller LBS as well as the architectures of components client, server, data communication channel and billing approach;
- Adapting European LBS technologies both on the client side and on the server side to the Chinese conditions, including map conversion/compilation GDF to TPF;
- Establishing a common software platform for implementing geo-dependent ITS services over the internet, intranet and mobile networks;
WP5 Implementation and Trials;
- Defining the plan for trials;
- Implementing the test system;
- Carrying out all pre-defined measurements;
- Data collection and processing according to the requirements for type, quantity and quality of data to be collected as defined in the Evaluation Plan (WP6);
WP6 Evaluation;
- Developing the VALUE Evaluation Plan;
- Carrying out the technical evaluation of the VALUE trials;
- Determining socio-economic benefits of a wide adoption of LBS in China
WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation;
- Disseminating VALUE information and results, including establishing and regular updating of VALUE Web Site, preparing and distributing VALUE Brochure, organising VALUE workshop in China and developing the VALUE exploitation strategy. This WP will also establish active links with other related projects, clustering and European and international standardisation activities. This WP will analyse business opportunities, business models and market potential for provision of LBS in China.

Month 4: Submitting Inventory of Chinese Country Specific Requirements and establishing VALUE Web Site;
Month 6: Submitting Evaluation Plan, System Concept and Report on Chinese Addressing Structure;
Month 14: Completing Test Database;
Month 19: Completing system adaptation;
Month 21: Completing trials;
Month 22: Submitting the Evaluation Report;
Month 23: Organising the VALUE Workshop;
Month 24: Submitting Exploitation Strategy, Report on GDF Recommendations and Project Final Report.

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