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Content archived on 2024-05-27

SMART MultiSPECTRAl System for Commercial Applications


In certain application fields where visual information processing is involved, the use of spectral information in bands of the light spectrum out of the visible range is of most importance to perform certain tasks. Multispectral systems with an affordable cost and proven robustness are needed in order to achieve a broad use of multispectral techniques in several commercial areas and applications. These sensors must have the capability to be integrated in currently established production systems. Moreover, they have to be flexible enough to be applicable a wide range of applications. In the present project, a Smart Multispectral System will be designed and implemented, investigating and developing different electronic and processing techniques to achieve a system with the above mentioned features.

The main objectives of the present project could be summarized as:
- Designing and developing a multispectral sensor with a set of features that permits its use in commercial applications areas;
- The sensor will be provided with a set of high-level software tools to simplify its application as a developer's toolkit for any possible field of application where multispectral imaging is needed;
- To check and proof the technology and methods developed in some real application areas.

Work description:
The proposed work is divided in a set of workpackages that correspond to two main issues, the parts of the system and the validation of the system on some example application areas. The system is composed by different physical parts of the sensor and software layers as logical parts of the system. Workpackages have been conceived to cover every part of the system. Each part is considered a unit of work that can be developed in a modular way but with their dependencies with respect to other modules. Thus, each module corresponds to one of the main workpackages of the project.

The modules of the system are:
1. Optics, optics control and sensing part;
2. Electronics and sensor interface;
3. Host driver for sensor control;
4. Host driver for data acquisition;
5. Software Toolkit for application development;
6. User interface utility software;
7. Application examples development. In addition to the workpackages that cover the above structure, some workpackages have been included at the end of the project aimed at summarizing results, final validations and final conclusions and actions to be carried out for exploitation and dissemination of results.

The expected result is a multispectral system composed by a re-configurable sensor and a set of software tools with an affordable cost for commercial applications. The system will be tested in some application examples to show its effectiveness and capabilities. The main milestones of the project are:
- Programming toolkit for spectral data processing (M5);
- User software utility for system presentation and assessment (M6);
- Application software for system validation (M7);
- Final system prototype (M8);
- Exploitation and dissemination plan (M10).

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