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Customer support and design Centre for physical MEasurement SYStems 2


The customer support and design centre CCMeSys2 promotes the industrialisation of Microsystems. The role of CCMeSys2 is to provide access, stimulate take-up, focus research, and encourage cooperative manufacturing. The consortium is specialised to physical measurement systems. Special emphasis is on micro- and subsystems for portable applications and sensor integration in systems with network functions. The centre offers services including concept evaluation, feasibility studies, design, prototyping, testing, and packaging. The centre acts as an interface to design houses and manufacturing clusters. Partners are in Norway, Hungary and Germany. CCMeSys2 links together industrial partners to enable European industry to compete at a global level. The centre expects to acquire new customers from EU and to generate business worth of more than 3 million Euros to help European industry and research centres, contributing to the objectives of EUROPRACTICE.

The main objective of CCMeSys2 is to stimulate a faster uptake of Microsystems Technology (MST) in the European industry. The goal of the CC is to proactively promote MST and to increase the use of MST in innovative products by offering SMEs and LEs low cost, low risk access to design, prototyping and manufacturing of advanced technologies.
(i) Partners are located in Norway, Hungary and Germany offering support from an idea to a competitive product to customers across EU and NAS;
(ii) A close co-operation with design houses, foundries and manufacturing clusters will establish a clear route to industrial scale manufacturing;
(iii) The service of CCMeSys will be extended by offering access to micro- and subsystems for portable applications and as well as sensor integration in systems with network functions.

Work description:
The goal of CCMeSys2 is to attract potential users of MST and to bring MST to widespread industrial applications in the EU and NAS. The targeted customers are companies which are not yet using Microsystems in their products as well as companies already involved in MST, but looking for technological solutions for specific applications. CCMeSys2 offers concept evaluation and feasibility studies as well as cost estimations of device production and quality assurance to assist the customers in his decision about the economical potential of Microsystems. CCMeSys2 provides permanent technical assistance from design to the manufacturing of a product. This includes the evaluation of the appropriate technology and guidance to manufacturing capabilities. Customers will be advised in the capability to combine applications know-how with knowledge of process technologies and materials properties, specific electronics expertise to interface with sensing functions, to cover system integration aspects and packaging. The proposed programme for the realisation of the goals is structured in 9 work packages. On the base of a close co-operation and information exchange between the partners (WP2 management, WP3 co-operation) the description of services (WP1) will be continuously updated. The key goal of the information dissemination activities (WP4) will be organised collectively in order to get the MST information to customers and to acquire customer contacts and contracts (WP5). Continuing support will be offered to customers in form of design (WP6) for customer's specific devices or feasibility studies, process development, prototyping and manufacturing (WP8). If the customers' product can be realised by an established technology, a transfer to foundries (WP7) will be performed. Cost models and business plans (WP9) will be established in order to sustain the CC work beyond Europractice.

The most important result of the project programme is the increased attraction of potential MST customers resulting in business generation of several millions of Euros. The base for reaching this goal is the successful dissemination and raising awareness of physical measurement systems and their widespread application potential. The establishment of a large customer base in the EU and a growing market in the NAS will help the European industry to increase their competitiveness.


Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V.
Leonrodstrasse 54
80636 Muenchen

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics
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1111 Budapest
SINTEF - Stiftelsen for Industriell Og Teknisk Forskning Ved Norges Tekniske Hoegskole
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