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Content archived on 2024-05-27

European integrated info-box system for improved food safety and logistics


Because of several meat scandals, consumer trust in meat products is severely damaged. Food safety and chain reliability will have to be increased. That is why the objective of the Info-Box System (IBoS) is to improve logistics and to increase transparency of information in the logistic chain of perishable goods such as meat products. This is achieved by using a new transport box, state-of-the-art RF transponder technology and a new integrated, Internet accessible Supply Chain Management System. As this innovation requires the support of all nodes and high standardization, extensive field trials are needed with 15000 boxes to prove and optimise the benefits of the system. In the IBoS Trial the necessary equipment, soft- and hardware will be assessed, installed at several nodes, trialed, optimised, trialed again and evaluated. The experiences will be disseminated and lead to introduction of the Info-Box System in the market, as well as spin-off products.

The work consists of all needed activities to set up, perform, monitor and assess 2 test trials. Each trial will involve 15.000 IBoS boxes, covering a period of 3 months each. The work has been divided in 6 workpackages and a supportive 7th workpackage for project management: WP 1: Assessment and selection of transponder equipment, software and hardware components. WF 2: Installation of equipment and providing access to open SCMS at each involved node in the logistic chain. Setting up the Supply Chain Management System. WP 3: First trial, involving meat producers and 15.000 IBoS boxes during a 3-month trial period. Assessing first trial, results and conclusions. WP 4: Optimisation equipment, hardware and software and SCMS according to results of first trial. WP 5: Second trial with complete logistics chain (including retail) again covering a 3, month period. WP 6: Measurement and evaluation results; evaluation of trial and project, dissemination of results. WP 7: Project management.

The major milestones are: Month 3: Equipment tested and selected Month 6: IBoS logistic system implemented in complete logistic chain Month 9: Tested IBoS system at operational level Month 12: Optimised IBoS system Month 15: Optimised IBoS system tested and evaluated Month 18: Optimised IBoS system ready for commercial exploitation

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