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Growth-Nodes In a Knowledge-based Europe


EU enlargement and European monetary integration will both intensify interregional competition and increase inequalities between European regions. Growth and interregional competition will be based on "growth nodes" (networked clusters).

The objectives of this project are:
1) to develop a strategic road map for research activities under the 6th framework programme;
2) to develop a pan-European network of researchers and key stakeholders contributing to policy development on European 'information society' issues -e.g. industry and government players as well as civil society representatives.

The strategic road map focuses on the nature and dynamics of ICT-enabled 'growth nodes' in Europe, and addresses three questions:L1) How will the deployment and use of new ICTs modify the viability and sustainability of growth nodes;
2) What new 'rules of the game' will be required to equitably foster the growth of ICT-enabled growth nodes;
3) At what policy level will such rules be managed?

Work description:
The project analyses relationships, stakeholders and issues in emerging 'growth nodes', and develops a research agenda ("strategic road map") for the 6th Framework Programme. More specifically, the project involves the following activities:
- Contextualise and motivate research on 'growth nodes'; e.g. identify its importance, link it to broader economic, social and political issues / agendas. (Work Package 1);
- Define Growth-Nodes patterns, key issues, and key stakeholders (also in WP1);
- Describe the emerging phenomena of 'growth nodes' from the perspectives of Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) and knowledge management (also in WP1);
- Develop a conceptual framework, methodology, and interview schedule (WP2);
- Review documented practices (including EC projects, innovative case studies, research databases, regional databases), interview leading experts (WP3);
- Develop Preliminary Research Road Map: Generation and evaluation of alternative scenarios, selection of preferred approach (WP3);
- Conduct a workshop with key stakeholders for constituency building and stakeholder feedback (WP3);
- Structuring, analysis and interpretation of data and stakeholder feedback (WP4);
- Re-assessment of the key issues by incorporating feedback from stakeholders, and (re)formulation of the framework, scenarios and working hypotheses (WP4);
- Final deliverables: Research Roadmap and plan for a Research Network (WP5);
- Communications via: Project Website, presentation at IST conferences and Published Report (WP6).

June 13-14, 2002: Presentation at Concertation Meeting in Brussels;
June 2002: Project website;
August 2002: Report "Conceptual Framework, issues and stakeholders";
October 2002: Report "Road Map (version 1)";
October 16-18: Presentation KAII Conference, Prague;
November 4-6: Organization and participation in IST 2002 Conference, Copenhagen;
November 11-13: Presentation at the 6th Framework Programme Launch, Brussels;
February 2003: Stakeholder workshop;
February 2003: Report "Road Map (version 2)" to be submitted to the first call for proposals under 6FP;
May 2003: Report "Road Map (version 3)" Final versions: restricted and public.

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