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Web Accessibility Initiative: Training, Implementation, Evaluation and Support


This proposal addresses key needs in the area of Web accessibility in support of the IST Programme's goals of greater inclusion for people with disabilities.
WAI-TIES addresses five primary objectives towards increased implementation of Web accessibility: improving implementation support resources, e.g. explaining how to evaluate Web site accessibility; continuing to promote awareness of the need for Web accessibility; expanding the pool of experts trained in technical aspects of Web site development and retrofitting; helping build a sustainable network of review teams; and supporting greater harmonization with existing Web accessibility standards.

The proposed work falls into seven workpackages.
WP01 addresses project management.
WP02 addresses assessment and evaluation.
WP03 addresses implementation resources, and comprises revision, expansion, and localization of materials supporting Web site evaluation, development, or retrofitting, and for developers of evaluation tools.
WP04 addresses outreach and information, and comprises presentations, newsletters, and meetings.
WP05 addresses training, and comprises technical training and best practices exchange on Web site evaluation, development, and retrofitting, and training and best practices exchange on development techniques for improved Web site evaluation tools.
WP06 addresses review teams, and comprises an exploration of certification approaches for Web site evaluations and/or evaluators; meetings of review teams; and an exploration of sustainable models for review teams.
WP07 addresses standards harmonization.
Expected results include increased awareness of the need for Web accessibility and implementation resources; more accurate Web site evaluations; effective and sustainable review teams for site evaluation; increased participation of Europeans in W3C/WAI activities; and better harmonization of Web accessibility standards.

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