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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Business, Policy and Research implications of LOGISTICS in the e-economy environment


BPR Logistics project aims at creating and developing a co-ordination and collaboration environment for activities taking place in the area of Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the e-economy environment.

More specifically, BPR Logistics will identify the areas of impact of e-economy on Logistical and Supply Chain Management activities in order to:
i) present in a systematic way the voids, gaps and potential problems;
ii) provide a focal point for collaboration between the different programmes where stakeholders can meet and exchange views on their activities;
iii) explore issues not yet covered by the national, international, and European funded projects, and investigate future research challenges and roadmaps;
iv) draw recommendations for new projects or complementary activities that could foster potential policy, business or technological changes.

The main objective of BPR Logistics is to establish a thematic network that will develop, and co-ordinate a collaboration environment for RTD activities in the area of Supply Chain Management and logistics in the e-economy environment. BPR Logistics will provide administrative and technical support for the assessment and consolidation of the results of the various projects in the supply chain and logistics domain. It will facilitate the dissemination of the related project to the Member States and other interested parties, and it will provide a transition to the 6th Framework Programme through the identification of pending research issues in the area of Supply Chain and Logistics systems, roadmaps and associated implementation models in the domain of e-business and e-work.

Work description:
The methodological approach that will be followed by the BPR Logistics thematic network is based on the recognition of the fact that the RTD domain for the Supply Chain and Logistical Systems is determined by the following three dimensions:
i) policy;
ii) technology;
iii) business.
These areas, although different in nature, they are interrelated and complementary. Therefore, the successful cooperation and coordination of the research activities along these three dimensions is a requirement for the successful organization and management of the proposed Thematic Network. Based on this approach the BPR Logistics project will be structured in seven work packages (WP). The WP1 will be dedicated to the administrative and technical management of the network and will include all necessary activities to create a co-ordination and collaboration environment. The WP2 will be focused on the identification of the emerging requirements for Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the e-economy environment. WP3, WP4 and WP5 are thematic WPs focused on the different issues related to the implications of e-economy environment on the Supply Chain Management and Logistics, e.g. policy issues, technology and standardization issues, and business modelling issues. The WP6 aims at synthesizing the findings of the previous four WPs and developing recommendations and roadmaps addressing issues that should be further developed in order compliance with the emerging Supply Chain Management and Logistics service requirements is achieved. Finally, the WP7 is related to the exploitation and dissemination of the work performed within the project. The work carried out within the thematic WPs will be facilitated through a number of working meetings. During these meetings discussions focused on the various issues addressed inWP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5 will take place. The results of these work-packages will be widely disseminated and validate through the thematic network workshop and conference.

BPR Logistics milestones and expected results are:
i) a Report on Emerging Requirements, Implications and Future Developments of Supply Chain Management and Logistics in the e-Economy Environment;
ii) a Report on Implications, Future Developments, Needs and Roadmaps for Implementation of Emerging Supply Chain Management and Logistics Concepts.
Furthermore, a Repository of Projects, a Web Dissemination Platform, and the Proceedings of the BPR Logistics Conference that will be organized within BPR Logistics thematic network activities.

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