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Federating a Packaging and Interconnection Transeuropean Industrial Activity


PATRIA is a study/accompanying measure, harmonising with the objectives of the IST programme and providing clear European added value, by paving the way for the resurgence of industrial scale advanced packaging and interconnection services in Europe, targeting very advanced technologies, in closeness to European semiconductor manufacturers, smart card industry and MEMS facilities. Critical factors and determinants with respect to feasibility of prospects to regain such economic activities, today lost to Asian competition, will be assessed. Outcome of the study will be a plan for business opportunities for a federated and incubated start up enterprise, reflecting up-to-date and emerging developments in technology and markets, attracting and federating industrial users, entrepreneurs, and investors. This leads into the diplomatic effort of PATRIA to identify, motivate and - to some degree - organise all relevant stakeholders who play a role in this effort by establishment of a Business Initiative Group (BIG.).

The global aim of this study is to pave the way for the resurgence of industrial scale advanced packaging and interconnection services in Europe targeting very advanced technologies, in closeness to European semiconductor manufacturers, smart card industry and MEMS facilities. The practical objective of PATRIA is to assess the operational feasibility of plans to regain packaging business and industrial activity, today lost to Asian vendors, through the consolidation of a business plan building on emerging operations, attracting and federating industrial users, entrepreneurs and investors. PATRIA will consider a model of federation of the existing operations and incubation of sub-critical initiatives, stemming from the existing research, commercial, industrial, political and governmental resources, in order to allow reaching the critical mass of what is considered as a capital intensive and competitive business. Results will be disseminated to critical stakeholders.

Work description:
The workplan of 30,5 man months contains all necessary work elements to address the issues of a plan for business opportunities for the setting up of pan-European incubated packaging and interconnection enterprises.
WP1 "Advanced Packaging and Interconnection industrial solutions for the European market" is consolidating the selection of appropriate packaging technologies required for the European industry. It will build on existing material and studies, which will be interpreted in the sense of the creation of a pan-European industrial environment;
WP2 "Federating and motivating the European Stakeholders in Packaging & Interconnection in Europe" is federating the European stakeholders e.g. SC, MEMS, smart cards by the creation of a specific High Level Group call the Business Initiative Group, BIG, regrouping the stakeholders of existing and new hot spots in the packaging and interconnection landscape in Europe;
WP3 "Factors of success and failure for packaging and interconnection production facilities in Europe" will analyse the elements of success and failure and evaluate recent actions;
WP4 "Financial key aspects of industrial, investments" addresses the financial impact considering both investment and running costs as well as necessary seed funding and considerations for break even. The impact of the development of European operations on the cost of supplies will be an important part of this analysis;
WP5 "Plan of Business Opportunities for a federated packaging and interconnection industrial environment" is dedicated to the compilation of the business plan, which is the major outcome of the work in PATRIA;
WP6 "Validation and implementation" will first validate the plan of business opportunities produced in a draft form with the High Level Group and other European stakeholders in a dedicated workshop and conference. Output from this will allow the refinement of the PATRIA business plan. This part of the work also provides for dissemination measures targeted at specific audiences;
WP7 "Management" is reserved for project management during the entire lifetime.

PATRIA has three milestones:
M1 (month 6) is reached when the industrial basis for a viable European strategy is addressed (WP1), there has been formulated a strategy to federate European stakeholders leading to the successful formation of a high level group (WP2) and all success and failure determinants of existing European players are analysed (WP3);
M2 is reached in month 9 with draft of a business plan for a federated incubated European packaging/interconnection enterprise;
M3 is reached in month 11 with a PATRIA workshop.

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