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Enterprise Inter-and intra-organisational integration - International Consensus


To increase international consensus and public awareness on inter- and intra-organisational integration (with focus on virtual enterprises); including recognition of competitive benefits, as well as organisation and infrastructure implications. This will be done through the organisation of five thematic workshops with international experts in the field, and the follow-on international conference (ICEIMT'02). At the conference the results of the workshops will be presented together with a series of invited papers presenting latest R&D developments and an overview of relevant industrial application.
The conference ICEIMT'02 will be held at the University of Valencia, Spain on 24th to 26th April 2002 and will be organised by university staff. The technical program of both the workshops and the conference and the proceedings will be under the responsibilities of the CIMOSA Association to be done in co-operation with EI3-IC collaborators.

Increased international consensus on contents and terminology of inter- and intra-organisational integration in the area of virtual enterprises will lead to more awareness and acceptance of the related ITC technology by the user community. This will stimulate the market for related ICT products such as business process modelling tools, knowledge based management tools etc. Another result expected of the initiative will be the identification of new opportunities for R&D work in the area of global e-business, as well as the identification of needs for new standards for information exchange and knowledge representation.
All papers including those presented at the workshops will be published in the conference proceedings. A summary of the results will be published on participant websites, submitted to European and international standards organisations and presented at international events.


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