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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Development of supercapacitors for the electric vehicle


The objective of this project is to develop and bench test a real Electric Vehicle (EV) configuration using a battery (Lead acid or fuel cell) as main on-board energy source and a supercapacitor bank as peak power unit. Two reference EVs will be chosen and characterised (one using a lead acid battery, the second using a fuel cell battery and both of them using a supercapacitor bank).
The main objectives concerning the supercapacitor bank are defined as follows:
to increase the specific energy density of the present supercapacitors units up to 6 Wh/kg, 1.5 kW/kg & 2 kW/dm3,
to demonstrate a life time expectancy over 100 000 cycles,
to manufacture one real scale supercapacitor bank with an overall energy of 400 Wh and a power capability of 40 kW during 20 seconds, to evaluate the technical and economic benefits of using supercapacitors in an electric vehicle with different types of batteries and fuel cells, to prepare the basis of the industrial development of supercapacitor banks for the EV application.
Technical Approach
The main steps of this project are:
Identification of EVs' characteristics and related specifications for the supercapacitor bank.
Modelling of the whole power train.
Electrochemical and mechanical design of the cell units and the supercapacitor bank.
Design of the electronic subsystem components for the power trains. Manufacturing of the subsystem components of the power trains. Test of two configurations for the power train.
The expected technical advantages of the integration of a supercapacitor bank in an EV were previously demonstrated at reduced scale level in the frame of a previous APAS contract.
The following are the expected achievements from this project: Confirmation of the technical advantages of a supercapacitor bank in a real scale power train.
Development of prototype supercapacitor units with improved
Economic analysis of the integration of a supercapacitor bank in an EV. Basis of the industrial development of supercapacitor units

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