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Clean and efficient energy conversion processes

Exploitable results

In the framework of Task 6 of the CECON project, GAZ DE FRANCE has designed, built and tested two « CECON Units » i.e. combinations of a premixed radiant surface burner and a ceramic heat exchanger in a view to preheat the combustion air by the combustion products and thus to increase the radiant efficiency of these heating equipment. The radiant surface burners have been developed in the framework of the contract by ACOTECH (Task 2) and the ceramic heat exchanger by BG plc (Task 5).Some difficulties have been encountered: air leakage in the heat exchanger which was not possible to remove. Due to it, the combustion air temperature was limited to around 200 C. Nevertheless it was observed that the radiant efficiency of a « CECON Unit » with a combustion air at 200 C is 60%, around 15 points higher than those of the premixed burner alone (i.e. an increase of ca 35%), as it was foreseen. With higher preheated air it could have been possible to increase even more the efficiency. The size and weight of the heat exchanger is not compatible with a direct industrial application of an enclosed radiant surface burner. Some additional works are needed to design a more compact system and easier to manufacture.

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