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Smart control for ventilation systems based on CO2 detection



The project aims to assess a new ventilation system based on the measurement of the CO2 concentration of office rooms. This will allow the combination of mechanical systems and natural ventilation resulting in a substantial energy saving by a better control of the system and an improved indoor air quality. This is an extremely attractive solution especially for retrofitting.

A commonly used criterion for assessing the indoor air quality is the CO2 concentration as a tracer of the pollution due to people. A proposal for a CEN standard (pr ENV 1752) recognised that CO2 control is the only way to control ventilation as a function of the demand. But at present, CO2 sensors are still very expensive (starting from 300...500 ECU) and smarter systems have to be developped.

Technical Approach

To achieve these goals the following activities will be performed:
. Development of a CO2 detector based on micro-machining. This must allow cheap systems with sufficient quality.
. Development of a standalone and cheap measurement system for CO2 control. The aim is to combine the most appropriate selection of IR source, detector, energy supply and microprocessor in order to develop a CO2 sensor for the specific needs of a ventilation system.
. Development of a CO2 controlled ventilation device: a self supporting CO2 controlled supply or exhaust grill for mechanical ventilation will be tested. Appropriate control strategies will be chosen by means of simulations for evaluating their impact on both energy and indoor air quality. Likewise, requirements regarding the measurement device will be identified.
. Evaluation of the overall performances. The prototype developed within this project will be installed in an office building and its performances monitored under various conditions.

Expected Achievements and Exploitation

The project will deliver the following:
- a CO2 detector;
- a stand-alone and cost-effective CO2 controlled ventilation device; - performance data from the CO2 monitoring in an office building.
The results will be made available for ventilation manufacturers and standardisation organisations.

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