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Super-capacitors of power and energy


The present project concerns the development of super-capacitors with electrodes containing Electronically Conducting Polymers (ECPs). The use ofsuch ECPs will be investigated in order to increase the specific energy ofcarbon/carbon super-capacitors and get a specific energy of over 10 Wh/kgin the complete system when associated with the semi-bipolar technology developed by partner 1. The preferred ECP will be polythiophene which is among the less expensive conducting polymers today. The use ofpolythiophene will allow greater voltages per unit cell than those usually obtained with carbon/carbon systems as well as most of the other ECPs (3 to3,5 volts per cell are expected). Nominal voltages of 2.8 / 3.0 V have been obtained in preliminary studies and voltages of 3.2 / 3.5 V are anticipated.
- Super-capacitors will be manufactured at the laboratory level, and prototypes will be prepared using the semi-bipolar technology mentioned,under the form of sub-modules made up of eight cells series connected. Inthe last phase of the project, a complete module consisting of an association of eight sub-modules will be manufactured to reach an output power of 20 k W or more.
- A prototype equipment to manufacture electrodes in a continous process will be designed and delivered by partner 2; it will be used in the manufacturingof electrodes for the submodules and the complete module by partner 1.
- These sub-modules and the complete module will be delivered to partner 3for electrical tests and characterisation. A car manufacturer, very interested in testing proto-types of these components is ready to make tests;other tests could also be performed by EUCAR.
- The main objectives of the present project are to use ECPs, the semi-bipolartechnology developed by partner 1 and low cost materials to prepare high performance super-capacitors for Electric Vehicle applications.
- Recyclability of the system as well as safety aspects will also be studied in order to prepare the development phase and a technico-economic study will complement the work performed to identify the other possible applications of this new type of components.

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