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Development of a novel partial oxidation reactor for natural gas and integration into a micro CHP SOFC system


The objective of the project is the introduction of catalytic partial oxidation (CPO) of methane (natural gas) with air and a novel desulphurization process as a fuel processing step for small (1 to 3 kWe) high efficient SOFC-CHP systems with the aim to simplify the actual system and therewith reducing the costs.

In order to optimize the fuel processing system of the SOFC unit, a unit based on partial oxidation and complete desulphurization will be used. The avoidance of a water saturation system will make the system attractive.
The following achievements are foreseen:

- Optimization of partial oxidation catalysts (Partner ONE, Partner FIVE)
- A desulphurization unit that removes all sulphurous components in natural gas (Partner ONE)

- Design, modelling, building and optimization of a catalytic partial oxidation reactor for use in a 1 kWe HEXIS SOFC system of Partner TWO (Partner ONE, Partner THREE)

- Insight in the benefits of CPO gas related to the electrical performance (Partner FOUR)

- Demonstration tests with HEXIS 1 kWe stack after integration of catalytic partial oxidation reactor in system (All partners)

- Technical evaluation of application of HEXIS SOFC system with integrated CPO reactor for domestic use (Partner TWO, Partner FIVE)

Cooperation of the individual partners will guarantee synergy because their capabilities are complementary.

Success of the Project will lead to:

- A more simple and cheaper small scale HEXIS SOFC-system with a rapid start up

- A novel fuel processing technology with very low emissions
- Availability of CPO technology for manufacturers of fuel cells
- Research and development of reactor models

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