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Innovative electric traction Module for Zero Emission downsized urban vehicle


The present proposal is part of a general project aimed at conceiving a Zero Emission Downsized Electric Vehicle for urban mission, covering the full range of potential users, with respect to individual mobility in city. The vehicle should meet the requirements for individual safe, comfortable and effective mobility, according to the approach of a three wheeler structure, with tilting anterior body (featuring all active and passive safety measures comparable to those of conventional cars), with performance adequate to an agile driving in urban use (minimum range 80 km, maximum speed 45 km/h, acceleration 0-45 in 6 s) and with very low energy consumption (less than 30 Wh/km, that is 1/4 - 1/5 of a conventional electric city car). The industrial relevance of the results of present research is very high, as the interest for the diffusion of electric vehicles is increasing very rapidly, due mostly to their environmental features especially needed for urban areas.
The specific objective of the present research project proposal is to develop an electric two wheel rear traction module to be integrated within a light weight tilting body, which is made available by the main contractor. Such propulsion module consists of an electric power train connected with the two wheels, a battery pack, the relevant battery management system, the unit providing the functional and energy management of the module itself as well as the interconnection with the vehicle commands and the interface for battery recharging system.
Additional objective of the research is the development of a photovoltaic system with appropriate controlled interface for battery recharging. In fact, part of the overall objective is the achievement of a high level of operational management effectiveness in term of recharging flexibility and rational use of primary energy.
Actually, the limited size of on board energy storage system, even more enhanced by making use of high specific energy battery, may allow the approach of quick battery substitution and, on the other hand, to make use of solar photovoltaic energy as renewable energy source for battery recharging.
Innovative key features of the traction module to be developed within this project are the following:
- Low weight, high efficiency, long life storage system based on advancedbatteries (e.g. Lithium-ion) with possible support of supercapacitors bankfor power enhancement, and thermal and balancing management system; - battery packaged into an easy-to-access rear traction module, includingcooling system and battery management unit;
- fast and easy change of the complete battery pack as a quick alternativeto on board recharging;
- powertrain based on brushless electric motors featuring very highefficiency over typical urban driving cycles;
- solar photovoltaic energy recharging station for maximum environmentalcomptability.

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