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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Smart window - polymer network liquid crystal with reflective, scattering and clear states


The purpose of this program is to study the feasability of a smart building component - window opening - being able to a self-adaptation to a thermal of luminous environment. This window might be like a Venitian blind made of electrocontrolled layers.

The Venitian blind patterns (horizontal strips, assembly of squares...) are monitored by a weak amplitude voltage and can exhibit a clear, reflective or opaque state. The reflection of solar light can be effective in the visible or infrared range but also in a large broadband of wavelength.
The glazed component will be based upon new active films (chiral liquid crystal gels) with :

- three different states : a clear, reflective, or scattering state, - very good optical performances for every state,
- selectivity or broadband of the reflectivity
- selectivity (50/100 nm),
- broadband : several hundred of nanometers, (pitch gradient method in the chiral structure),
- reflectivity in a broadband of the visible spectrum or in the near infrared.
To obtain the glazed building component, we will work on :

- implementation of an industrial deposit active film technique, - integration of the film in the glazed component with an electrical control system.

The final objective consists in a smart window realization : Two prototypes will be realized : one with selective reflection film (Solar Heat Gain factor (SHGS) between 0.8 and 0.7 (On/off state)) and one with broadband reflection film (low SHGF of 0.2/0.3).

An important part of the program consists in the studies and the realization of monitoring and self-regulation devices using microsystems which will be integrated with the active film in a glass panel according to the architectural requirements.

Then, a value analysis and specifications of the industrial equipment required will be provided.

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