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Content archived on 2024-05-14

European integrated hydrogen project


The main focus of the proposed project is to come to a harmonized approach for the licensing and approval of hydrogen related vehicles, infrastructural equipment and components (e.g. from the EuroQuebec Hydro-Hydrogen Pilot Project [EQHHPPl, and other hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure equipment presently existing or being planned for the very next years). In order to achieve this goal, appropriate risk analysis instruments (e.g. fault tree analysis FTA, failure mode and effects analysis FMEA) for existing hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure equipment shall be worked out creating a more profound and comparable basis for discussion with the licensing authorities.
The following activities shall be performed in the project:

1. Survey of existing European rules and regulations for licensing and evaluation of these rules and regulations as a basis for discussion [in Task 1 and Task 2]

2. Identification of rules and regulations already eligible for harmonization [in Task 3]

3. Identification of deficits in licensing practices [in Task 4 and Task 5]
4. Research and safety studies needed as preparation for standardization activities [in Task 4, 5, 6 and 7] (Safety concepts and risk analyses for LH2 and LNG vehicle/ storage systems; Investigation on licensibility of vehicle refueling systems; Safety studies comprising detailed modelling of dispersion, combustion and explosion phenomena in free, semi-confined and confined spaces; Collecting operation experience from past and ongoing projects; R&D leading to minimum certification infrastructure and standard licensing process for compressed gas vehicles, especially H2; Experimental investigation of two-phase flow in an existing safety valve for cryogenic tanks); Investigation on high strength steel tanks and refueling systems;
5. Proposal for pre-normative rules and as well as, where indicated, proposal for a vehicle operation and infrastructure test programme in view of the identified deficits and proposed improvements together with authorities [in Task 10]

6. Market analyses for fleet vehicles [in Task 10]

The proposed project would be the first internationally integrated activity for the harmonization of rules, regulations and safety requirements jointly involving technology companies, vehicle operators and licensing authorities in the field of hydrogen technologies. It will provide the basis for global harmonization initiatives in the field of hydrogen technologies.
At the same time it will serve as programme for dissemination and formation of acceptability in Europe, making use of already developed European prototype technology and of initially available approval experience, available from only very few operators, authorities and technology companies at present. This technical and administrative knowledge shall be shared among the interested member states of the EU. Valuable experience from the approval of CNG and LNG technology will also be considered in the EIHP.

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