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Solar assisted heat pump development


The scope of the research project is the development of a compact, cost effective and efficient solar assisted heat pump for DHW and space heating and validate its efficiency. The product combines one small sized heat pump with one solar collector and gives a final product which eliminates many of the technical constraints met in previous EU projects, because it can:
. have operation in both modes, space heating and DHW (increasing its yearly working hours per 40%),
. have very high energy efficiency. The solar component has much higher efficiency than a usual solar collector and respectively the heat pump component than a conventional air to air heat pump (increasing its overall efficiency by 55%),
. be coupled with a solar energy collector simplified, unglazed, working under moderate temperatures (OoC to I OoC),
. be compact, presented as a solar collector, heat pump assisted, able to cover space heating needs, with the lowest risk of refrigerant leakage,
. be cost effective compared to other complicated and sophisticated solar assisted heat pump complexes, where in site engineering is needed as well as installation know-how,
. be cost effective compared to the addifional cost of a solar collector and a small heat pump,
. be market friendly, since no in site connections more than for usual solar collectors seem to be needed,
. have relatively low afler sales service, due the lack of pumps, fans, etc.

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