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Development of a natural light illuminator with flexible light duct for wide scale application in dark spaces of buildings


The proposer SMEs intend to expand a proposal for the development of a natural light illuminator, equipped with flexible light duct, for the daily lighting of dark indoor spaces of new and refurbished buildings, with a particular focus on the refurbishment of historical buildings. The building market will be the final target of this innovative device, that will intend to address lighting ameliorations and energy savings in light constrained dark spaces, such as in historical buildings, in office buildings, in museums, etc. Providing natural lighting to these spaces will ameliorate their architectural quality, and the human relationship of people with outdoor climate, resulting in continuous perception of running time and of daylight changes as a fundamental parameter of human life and for the conditions of psycho-physical well-being in indoor environments. This research project in the exploratory,phase will focus all the required items for the final proposal expansion: 1. Detailed RTD work programme definition; 2. partner search for large scale industrial production; 3. novelty verification of similar products and their limits of use; 4. the economic impact assessment to match competitiveness in the EU market; 5. research feasibility study for the production of reliable and low cost device, easy to install and to maintain. Both the two SMEs involved in this phase gathered wide experience in innovative technologies development in the field of building integrated components for use of renewable energies and daylighting. They are familiar with EU funded project researches and prototype developments, and are equipped with facilities capable of developing industrialized production processes.


Solarconvert Srl Processi e Sistemi Energetici
Via F. Marucelli 8/R
50134 Firenze

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United Kingdom
MK6 3DE Milton Keynes