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Definition of relevant technologies and their development potential for the non-polluting operation of public transport buses on the basis of regenerative energy sources


The aim of the project is to develop a mature concept for busses fuelled by hydrogen gained from renewable energy. In this way, a true zero-emission system regarding air and noise pollution for innercity and suburban passenger transport will be achieved. Most of the system components required are available on the market, excluding suitable fuel cells, but no integrated concept exists so far. The objectives of the project are to design a flexible vehicle concept, to determine the system requirements and options on the background of different components available today (e.g. electrolysis or wind energy converters) or still under development (i.e. various fuel cell technologies), to define the necessary infrastructure with regard to storage and safety, and to identify the relevant economic parameters for a demonstration project as well as the following introduction to the market. Cooperation with SMEs in other regions of the European Union is sought. In this way, a solution will be achieved that fits the necessity of various local and regional passenger transport systems throughout the Union. The project is seen as a significant contribution to a sustainable energy supply concept for Europe in the context of the Commission's commitment to a reduction of CO2-emissions.

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