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System modelling techniques for optimisation of energy, environmental aspects and water usage for new integrated processes and plants


The principle industrial objective of the proposed Rational Use of Energy in Industry cooperative RTD is to provide the European process and manufacturing plant sectors with superior visual modelling and design techniques, which will allow them to improve their competitive position by designing and implementing resource and energy efficient process and industrial plant. The technique will provide a novel and intuitive approach to the assessment of resource and efficient design considerations at early stages of the design process.
Of the 5500 manufacturers of special purpose plant in Europe, around 3900 are SMEs. However, the supply base of companies capable of designing and implementing manufacturing process plant tends to be dominated by larger, US & Far East owned companies. In 1995 nearly 55% of the 11 Bn ECU's of sales into this market were from manufacturers out side the EU, most being from the US and Pacific Rim countries. To improve the competitive position of the European SME's in this sector they need to have available modelling, design tools and methodologies only accessible to the largest of companies. This cooperative RTD aims to provide this capability on low cost platforms and presented with interfaces to allow the minimum of expert knowledge to operate. Most importantly those companies taking part in the project will be able to offer reduced operational costs as a result of more efficient plant being designed, which resulted from the improved understanding of resource efficiency at the design stage, in a market worth 11 Bn ECU per year in Europe.
The intention to develop methodologies that will be applicable at low cost to other important infrastructural areas where resource and energy management are critical in providing facilities that reduced operational costs and make the minimum burden on scarce and non- renewable resource.

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