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Portable, versatile and multifunctional monitoring system that assures the energy output of low cost thermal solar facilities


Our proposal is intended to take advantage of the traditional energy auditing procedure and audits performed by a monitoring system, while avoiding the disadvantages through a so-called "portable monitoring system" that consists of:
1. Stand-alone sensors (temperature gages, flowmeters, pyrometers, etc.), that can store data for a predetermined time period (for instance, a week) every 15 minutes and fitted with their own microprocessor and memory, which is independent from that of the datalogger.
2. Development of a "portable reader" for these sensors, which would be fitted temporarily in the facility and would dump later the information to these "portable readers".
3. Development of a software program to determine the universal energy balances in each facility and once the hydraulic diagram of the installation has been plotted beforehand:
- The minimum number of sensor gages required would be determined to define the energy balances in each component of the facility (boiler, pump, heat pump, solar collector, etc.) as well as on a global basis.
- The energy balances will be computed as automatically as possible once the data collected from the facility by the portable sensor gages is dumped to the memory.
4. The sensor gages kit would be carried in an auditing handheld case. The gages have to allow for simplified fitting that will not disturb the facility's operations (contact gages, flowmeters to be fitted under load, etc.). The system is rather convenient since it can be used to show the possible buyer of a solar facility how much money and energy are wasted, and achieves this end using, instead of a complex and permanent monitoring equipment, just some components fined in a few hours, while the facility continues operations undisturbed

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